Thursday, 25 December 2014

By Abul Faiz

Myanmar/Burma is waging the longest civil war in the world. They love armed culture. Almost all the ethnic groups have armed groups to fight against the Bama Lumyo or Burmese government. They are demanding federal union of Burma. Rohingya people seek a permanent solution through peaceful means. In fact, Rohingya are only one of the few ethnic groups that do not have armed group. A growing sense of desperation is fueling a mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from Arakan, 150'000 fled by boat since the Buddhist started massacre of Rohingyas two years ago. In last two years Buddhist mobs have left thousands dead and 140,000 trapped in camps, where they live without access to health care,education or jobs. They are can not to go back to their own homes. Many mosques are still kept close. No one can pray there. Their citizenship is not yet return back. Many are arrested alleging nonsenses to take ransom or kill them. Persecutors are rewarded by the Burmese Buddhist Government.

By Abul Faiz

In 1044 AD King Anurata fought and captured Mon King Manuha. In 1784 Burmese king Bo Daw invaded Arakan and the Arakan kingdom vanished
from the earth. Many Maghs and Rohingyas were taken by Bo Daw as prisoners of war. Some Rohingyas were met by Francis Buchanan. Now the Magh Arakanese become the ball lifters of the Burmese regime. They are busy to drive out Rohingyas. In 1662 the Magh Raja Sanda Thudama tried to kill all Muslims of Arakan. The result was the rise of Kaman, the kings makers of Arakan. The out come of the present genocide of the Muslims would be the king maker of Arakan or that of Kosovo. The Burmese regime is waging war with Kachin. Karan and Shan are also at war with the regime. The regime should turn from armed rule to rule of law
and must stop genocide against Muslims and also stop to hate the Muslims.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Myanmar’s armed forces in different parts of Arakan especially Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships have been increasingly and obviously extorting money from Rohingyas considering it as a means to earn money, according to the local Rohingyas.

It has been learnt that the lower authority has to submit some shares of the money extorted from the innocent Rohingyas to the higher officials.

“Military Security Intelligence known as SaYaPha (စရဖ) and some military personnel arbitrarily arrested an innocent Rohingya in Kyeing Chaung (also called Bawli Bazaar) last Thursday morning as he was going to open his shop in the village’s market. The victim is Izhar Hussein (son of) Abul Nasir from the same village.

The blatant accusation against him was that he has a son working in Malaysia. The group included Captain of the SaYaPha Detachment (တပ္ဆြယ္မွဴး) and his subordinate based in Kyeing Chaung village; and a Lieutenant Army, the subordinate officer of the Tactical Operation Commander (ဗ်ဴဟာမွဴး) and two other sub-lieutenant military based in Taung Pyo sub-township.

They tortured him and released him having extorted Kyat 150,000 around 4:00PM of the day” said an eyewitness declining to be named.

“We have to give some shares of the money we get from you, *Kulars, to the Commander of our Corps in Buthidaung. Similarly, we give some shares to the tactical operation commander in Taung Pyo sub-township and also to some regiment commanders.

So, we do it with their permission and will keep doing it. It’s like our business” the witness continued narrating what the authority said to the people.

“Similarly, the above-mentioned authority broke into the resident of Rahimullah (son of) Amanullah in the same village and arrested him arbitrarily. For his release, they extorted Kyat 300,000 from him” added.

Other recent money extortions by the authority have been reported as following.

“Some Border Guard Police (BGP) from Gawdusara Bridge post, disguised as Islamic Religious Scholars, arrested Abdur Rashid (son of) Khalu, 45, in Gawdusara village as he was his way back home after prayer around 2:00PM on December 12. They extorted Kyat 50,000 and released him around 5:00PM of the day.”

“Some BGP personnel entered from Paung Zarr camp raided nearby village ‘Paung Zarr’ around 11:00AM on December 11. There in the villag, the BGP arbitrarily arrested a Rohingya shopkeeper named Anwar Hussein (son of) Haabi, 22, on the pretext of possession of Bangala phones. The police tortured him and released him after an extortion of money around Kyat 300,000.”

Maungdaw, Arakan – Some Rohingyas from Yey Twin Pyin village of Northern Maungdaw Township in Arakan State were extorted of money by Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) on false accusation of browsing the internet with Bangladeshi mobile phone. On December 19th, Border Guard Police from zone (4), No. (10) Outpost arrested two Rohingyas named Molvi Noor Husson s/o Abu Bakkar (Age 28) and Mohammed Ayub s/o Amir Husson (Age 25) from Yey Twin Pyin village in Northern Maungdaw Township. Both of them were falsely accused of browsing the internet with a Bangladesh mobile phone. They were arrested at 8 pm and later released after being extorted of Kyat 450,000 from each person. Similarly three Rohingyas named Kamal s/o Zakir Ahmed (Age 18), Haroon s/o Hala Bawda (Age 28) and Mufiz s/o Dildar (Age 30) were also arrested for the same accusation. They are still in custody of BGP police. As is common they were tortured at the BGP outpost. The BGP police are demanding Kyat 450,000 from each person for release, according to locals. In Maungdaw district, even the officials, police, military and BGP police are using Bangladesh mobile phones, but the local Rohingyas are forbidden to do so and even though most of the Rohingyas use the SIM from Myanmar Telecom they are still often falsely accused by the authorities as pretext to extort money. Many Rohingyas in Buthidaung and Maungdaw Township are extorted daily basis on this accusation.

Maungdaw, Arakan – A 72 year old Rohingya man was shot by Myanmar military soldier in Pa Din village in Maungdaw Township of Arakan State. 

Three military men from a battalion based in 3rd Mile in Maungdaw Township and seven police from Myanmar Border Guard Police based in Ma Gyi Chaung village entered Pa Din village on Sunday at 2 pm. The three military men were sitting at a shop owned by Nurul Ameen located north of Pa Din village administration office while at the same time seven police were roaming in the village. 

A military man suddenly opened fire on a 72 year old Rohingya man named Husson s/o Miah Husson while he was passing by the shop. The Rohingya man was not breaking any laws or provoking the soldier. According to localsthe military man shot him without any reason. The bullet hit the leg of the man and it passed nearly hitting a 5 year old child. Fortunately the child was safe. 

The military men took the injured Rohingya with their car but it is unknown to the villagers where they have taken him. 

Myanmar military and Border Guard Police (BGP) have been committing many crimes against humanity for many years in Northern Arakan. Although the union government led by President Thein Sein in Naypyidaw is well informed these crimes against humanity continue in Maungdaw district. It is clear that persecution on Rohingyas is state policy as they are complicit and allow it to continue.

Friday, 12 December 2014

The Myanmar Border Guard Police reportedly raped at least four Rohingya women at gun-point in Duchiradan this early morning, the reliable sources say.

However, the victimized women hesitate to give confessions lest there should be backfires and more atrocities committed against them.

“Major Nyeing Chan Aung is a special BGP Commander Operative recently appointed by the state’s Chief Minister, Maj-Gen Maung Maung Ohn. So, he is allowed to commit crimes against Rohingyas with impunity.

Since his appointment, the atrocities against Rohingya have increased. His current base is the BGP Camp at the Gawduthara Bridge Post.

Around 2AM today, a few BGP personnel sneaked into a few Rohingya homes in Duchiradan (Du-Chi-Yar-Tan, Kilaidaung) and are said to have secretly waited inside the homes’ premise. As some Rohingya women came out at night to go for bathroom and washroom at night, they jumped into them. They abducted at least four of them at the gun-points and raped them to their heart-content.

Nobody knew they were trying to rape the women because it was like an ambush attack” said a Rohingya in the region asking not to be named.

“Nevertheless, they rape victims hesitate to reveal the details of the rapes in the fear of repeated atrocities and assaults by the BGP” he added.

The BGP, other police officers and the military committed multiple rapes against Rohingya women during the government-sponsored violence against the Rohingya at the village in January early this year.

No actions have been taken against the rapists.

Note: In rural areas of Arakan state, the lavatory or toilets are not attached with homes. They are built separately. So, people need to go out of their homes in case of their need to go to washroom, bathroom or lavatory.

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Border Guard Police (BGP) arbitrarily arrested two innocent Rohingyas and tortured them for ransom in southern Maungdaw on Monday, according to the locals.

The Border Guard Police responsible for the tortures and money extortion have been posted at a sub-camp of Border Guard Police at Inn-Din village under Regional Commandment Area (နယ္ေျမ) 8 in Myint-Hlut (Mer Ullah) village, in southern Maungdaw.

“The BGP raided the homes of Hasmat Ullah (son of) Rahmat Ullah in Thinbaw Kway (Kullon) village around 11:00PM at night. Then, they searched his home. Though nothing illegal was found at his home, they arbitrarily arrested and took him to their custody.

There, in the custody, the police tortured him severely and forced him to say that he used Bangla Mobile Phones. After that, the police released him around 10:00AM on December 1 extorting Kyat 150,000” said a local Rohingya asking to withhold his identity.

This is not first case that the BGP have committed atrocities in the region.

“Similarly, on November 28, the BGP arrested another innocent man called Ali Ahmed (son of) Zafar Ahmed hails from the same village and tortured him until he paid Kyat 150,000” he added.

“Therefore, we request to the higher officials of the government of Myanmar to take actions the BGP so that they stop their barbaric and lawless behavior, arbitrary arrest of the innocent people and torture against them for ransom” he requested.
The Myanmar Border Guard Police has escalated seizing internet-connected electronic devices such as smart phones and other devices from Rohingya people in Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships, some reliable sources say.

Meanwhile, the motive behind the seizures of the devices from the people has not exactly been known. But locals view the action as disabling them from sending the reports of the atrocities against them to international media. And hence, to silence their voice!

“A Rohingya man from Buthidaung was arrested in Maungdaw with the possession of a mobile phone with internet connection on December 2. So, during the investigation, he said he had bought the phone from an electronic shop called Hitachi located in Quarter 2.

So, the Border Guard Police (BGP) arrested Zeyabul Hoque (son of) Hamid, 25, the owner of the shop. He was handcuffed and taken to Buthidaung prison. Now, the BGP demand Kyat 1oM for the release for Zeyabul Hoque” said a local in Maungdaw on condition of anonymity.

“Similarly, on the same day, the BGP raided two other Rohingya-owned electrical and electronic shops: one owned by Hasan Johar (son of) Jamil, 21; and Qaif (son of) Mv Hamid, 22.

In the former’s shop, his computer was checked. No illegal material was found. But the police seized two smart phones with internet connection and an ordinary phone saying that they had found a Bangla number in the contact list.

In the latter’s shop, his computer was checked as well. Nothing illegal was found. One smart phone and an income tax recipient were confiscated. After half an hour, the police returned his phone but not the receipt.

All other electronic shops were raided. Therefore, the other Rohingyas closed their shops in fear” he continued.

The raid to confiscate electronic devices didn’t end just on Tuesday. They did the similar raids yesterday as well.

“A joint operation including Maungdaw Regional Security Police (နယ္ထိန္း အဖဲြ႕) the two electronic shops owned by the two brothers: Abbbu (son of) Yousuf, 25, and Khatu (son of) Yousuf, 23, respectively.

They checked the computer of the former and confiscated two smart phones from his shop. After, the police arrested him and took him away. The latter brother’s computer was checked but he was not arrest. The shops are located in the downtown of Maungdaw” an elderly Rohingya reported.

“We feel that there is some unfortunate things may happen against us. Therefore, the government forces are disabling our means of communication first” he added
Maungdaw Township High Court handed 2-year-imprisonment each to eight innocent Rohingyas on Tuesday, say the locals.

It has been learnt that they were arrested for their refusal to be registered as Bengali during the Myanmar’s nationwide population in March-April and subsequently charged under the section ‘353’ which deals with Prevention of Government Servants from performing their duties.

All of them are the locals of Kyauk Hle Kar village in northern Maungdaw. They are identified to be:

Zahir Ahmed (son of) Abdu Subhahan, 50
Noor Alam (son of) Sayedur Rahman, 42
Mohammed Noor (son of) Noor Alam, 25
Idiris (son of) Zahir Ahmed, 18
Majid (son of) Mohammed Alam, 17
Zafar (son of) Noor Alam, 25
Hf Shobu Alam (son of) Mohammed Akbar, 28
Amin (son of) Ahmed Kabir, 18
“Eight people including youths and under-age were arrested in Kyauk Hle Kar village in the early April and charged under section 353. They didn’t cause any problems to the way of the government staffs during the population survey.

According to the regulations of the census, everyone has the right to identify with the ethnic name they like.

They peacefully refused to be registered as Bengali because the government staffs refused to register them as Rohingya. So, they committed no offense” said a local Rohingya observer of the trial.

“During the trial, the family members of the people were not allowed to attend as the observers. No lawyers provided for the side of the accused. Only the complainants (the Border Guard Police), Prosecutors, Accused and Judge were present in the court. It was a closed-door trial.

Therefore, the trial was extremely unfair” he added.

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