Thursday, 29 September 2016

Maungdaw: Security forces raped an under aged girl on her way to her father’s fishing area in Maungdaw at 4: 30 pm, on 25th September 2016, according to locals.

The victim is identified to be Kajal, 10 D/O Abdul Malek who hails from kwansibong village of northern Maungdaw.
In the incidence Kajal was carrying lunch to her dad’s fishing area along with her two brothers, where a security force forcefully carried her in his motorcycle to an isolated area.
Later after reaching to the isolated area, brutal security force started raping her inhumanely. Due to her screaming nearby villagers came to help her and seeing that security force fled the area.
Moreover when the incident was known to the head quarter in Tangbru, officials pretended to arrest the notorious security force and the victim was handed over to her parents.
Rape on helpless Rohingya women have been a rooted Genocidal tool since the military rule, where under aged girls like kajal are not even spared in the hand of so called democratic government. And if the situation continuous more girls lives are on the way to destruction in the hand of these troops of GENOCIDE.

A total of 11 Rohingya organizations have called on the Arakan (Rakhine) State government not to destroy mosques, Muslim schools, and Rohingya houses that the State claims have been built illegally.

In a joint statement on September 23, the groups said they “strongly condemned the Arakan (Rakhine) State government’s plans to demolish more than 3000 Rohingyas’ buildings, including 12 mosques and 35 madrasas, in the townships of Maungdaw and Buthidaung, under the pretext of illegal construction.”
The announcement of the demolition order on 18 September has caused consternation to the entire Rohingya community.
They claimed the “demolition project is part of their long-drawn-out annihilation and ethnic cleansing policy of the defenceless Rohingya people.”
According to their statement, they said this was “a joint conspiracy of the Arakan State government and Rakhine Buddhist extremist leaders to destabilize the situation in the territory with intentions to frustrate any attempts to bring about peace and stability in Arakan and produce more internally displaced Rohingyas to be housed in apartheid-like concentration camps also in Maungdaw district.”
Concern was expressed that these actions did not match the words of the Myanmar government.
“It is surprising that this sinister design was announced at a time when the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in her first address to the 71st U.N. General Assembly, was defending her government’s effort to resolve the crisis over treatment of the Rohingya minority by pointing out to the establishment of an advisory commission for Arakan State chaired by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at the same time assuring that everybody in Arakan would be safe and secure,” the statement said.

Authorities including Military forces, BGP and village heads are escalating physical torture on the innocent Rohingya people so that they can extort money in abundance in Northern Arakan, some brave locals have said.

Military forces who took temporary shelter at the home of village head of Tharahprang Aungpah under Buthidaung joint with an informer named Shisha, son of Nurul Amin and they physically tortured 8 night guards of Theindaung Prang at around 9 pm without any reason. Finally, they forcibly extorted 10 thousands Kyats from each of the innocent, poor Rohingya victims.
Six months ago in Then Da village tract situated in southern Maungdaw, former chairman collaborating with former members and some villagers went from door to door in seeking vote to elect a new village head name Abul Kasim, son of Hala.  As he was thought as a good natured man before election, villagers stood in favour of him expecting to get a chance of leading a peaceful life. When he has been given power, he appears as a tiger against the villagers with all of his misbehaviors including raping spinsters and extortion of money.
According to the villagers, if any pious personality gives him lecture to avoid misdeeds, the village head files cases against him with authorities concerned and makes his life standstill.
Camp-in-Charge of Border Guard Police (BGP) camp nearby the bridge situated in Gudussora under Maungdaw arrested some guiltless youths form Nurulla and Nolboinna hamlets under Bagguna villge tarct in last night and has been torturing them inhumanely in order to extort a great bundle of money, more than 2 million Kyats from each, a local has reported.

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