Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Buthidaung: Today government officials along with village head Salamatullah have confiscated the farmlands of an innocent Rohingya, by destroying the paddies grown by the owner, according to an eye witness.

In the incidence the brutal village head usually extorts 3 lakh Kyats, from the villagers in every land buying and selling issues. So, when he was known of the new land owner he demanded the usual amount. Due to her poor condition she refused to pay.
The victim is identified to be Rahim Hatu D/O Kabir Ahmed, who is the legal owner of the land. And its the only income source of Rahima, says a local on the condition of anonymity.
Although there’s no hope for justice from the authorities, she decided to file a case against the village head Salamatullah due to intolerable situation.
Illegal occupation of lands and money extortion on daily basis became a schedule in the lives of Arakanese Rohingys, where persecution and injustice are operated along with collaboration of government officials since the military rule.

More than 20 inhabitant Rohingyas were accused of illegal border cross in Buthidaung by village head and Border Guard Police (BGP) and extorted more than 2 million Kyats ($-1700), where some were sent to court for future persecution, according to an eye witness.

The village head Salamat Ullah brought 15 policemen from the camp of Sector-9, Taung Bazar and arbitrarily arrested some villagers on false accuse of re-entering into the country form abroad at Friday midnight, on 22 July. Then they were detained in the office of village head temporarily to demand money on release.
Some of the arrested Rohingyas were released on extortion of 200 thousands Kyats each. But there were a few poor, who could not fulfilled their demand, taken to the lock-up of BGP and eventually, were sent to the court of Buthidaung filing a case of illegal border cross. Of them, Subahaan, aged 70, is the only bread earner of the whole family working as a day labourer. Since his arrest, his family left no choice except begging.
BGP instigate the village head to create such cases against innocent Rohingya people so that they can extort money that continues on poor Rohingyas, he added.

Rathedaung: Since 2012, Authorities have confiscated 100’s acre of Rohingya farmlands in Anaprang and all farmlands of Muzai, Rathedaung, where they made intolerable starving situation by ceasing food ration given by MHD (NGO) on 23rd July 2016.

In the incidence, MHD informed villagers of Anaprang and Muzai village about ceasing rations under Government’s pressure, which was the only hope for these two villages.
In the food ration process, each individual were given 13.5 kg of rice,1 liter of oil, 1 kg of seed, and a pack of salt/family, where military use to snatch ¾ kg of rice/person.
“Ration distributed by the NGOs were not even enough to survive, where authorities are further worsening the starving situation by ceasing the whole ration process”, explains a villager on the condition of anonymity.
From 2012 these villagers were living under starving situation, where little ration by NGO’s was the only hope. Now they have been informed of ceasing ration, commencing from August, 2016.
Moreover they were asked to list down the vulnerable villagers, where whole village rely on ration. In the conversation villagers explained their starving situation and urged to provide ration for the whole village, where all are in starving situation, due to restriction of movement and land confiscation.
In spite of living in their ancestral land, these two villages are like open prisons, as they are surrounded by 24 Maugh villages, where Arakanese Rohingyas are persecuted in every possible way by Magh villagers, Military, BGP and other governmental authorities.
Starving to death is another genocidal tool, which is widely implemented by the government authorities along with Maughs for the ongoing Rohingya Genocide.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Arakan: Today Authorities have raided 3-4 shops in Hansifara village of Kyauktaw Township, where they ceased patrols sold for motor cycles and filed cases on innocent shopkeepers on clueless bases

Up till now no justified statement was released about the false cases, thus increasing fear of innocent Rohingya villagers.
It was heard that later authorities have called village head of Pong Na Kyone and ordered to list down the motor cycle users, which indicates serious plotting against the Rohingya villagers.
On another incident in Mrauk U, authorities have detained an innocent Rohingya. They accused him of mixing poison in water, which is fictional according to the locals.
Raids, false cases and detaining are rooted tools used by the previous governments as well against the Arakanese Rohingya in the ongoing GENOCIDE.

Buthidaung: Na Ta La village head U Maung Kyi extorted money from Arakanese Rohingya land owners by threatening them to seize their cultivable lands nearby Na Ta La villagers’ lands in Paroon Chaung Village Tract, Buthiduand Township, Arakan, a local said.

On 17 July, The Na Ta La village head of Payar Pyin Aung Pa Village Tract with his members namely (1) U Maung Nyon Wey, son of U Shwe Hla,(2) U Aung Win Wey, son of U Shwe Tha Nu, (3) Noor Alam, son of Sultan and (4) Mohammod Alam, son of Sultan came to Du Dan village, Paroon Chaung Village Tract and threated the Rohingya land owners whose lands are adjacent to the lands of Na Ta La villagers saying that their lands are included in form (4), which means the document of making owners of seized lands from Rohingyas by military government,  and so village head has the right to seize the lands.
The village head forced the landlord to pay a huge sum to settle the issue otherwise he would seize the land using his military connection. Na Ta La village is an illegal settlement placed by the Burmese Military and government on Rohingya lands with illegal Bengali Buddhist from Bangladesh.
Following are the victims of money extortion
1) Bodu, aged 45, son of Lal Miya was extorted money 200 thousands kyats,
2) Hason, aged 52, son of Hamidur Rahman was extorted money 104 thousands Kyats,
3) Maulana Adu Rakim, aged 59, son of 104 thousands and
4) Kalu, aged 65, son of Abu Bokor was extorted money 300 thousands.
Some of the village heads are given immunity by Local authorities and militaries to extort money from poor people and divide among themselves.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Maungdaw: Village administrator in Gojondiya village of southern Maungdaw extorted money from innocent Rohingya farmers with the promise of building barriers for their farmlands, which are under salty water now

In the incident, since last 2 months up to 300 acre of farmlands of the villagers were under salty water, which prevented them from farming even in this rainy season, thus stopping their livelihoods.
When the situation was known to the village administrator Ibrahim S/O Jafar Ahmed (35), he promised to build barriers for every farm lands and extorted 20,000 Kyats from each house from the whole village, which is a home to 300 houses.
It’s been 2 months now no barriers have been built and villagers are in continuous limbo without farming. Poor farmers are in starving and tensed situation due to their cease of farming.
Money Extortion from helpless Rohingyas became a part of their daily persecution schedule, where authorities are held freely with their uniforms for persecution.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

KYAUKTAW: Mough villagers attacked a Rohingya fisherman while passing by Mough village on his way to fishing on 11th July,2016, according to an eyewitness.

The victim is identified to be Najim Uddin S/O Abdur Rahim who hails from khazifara village of Kyauktaw Township.
In the incident the innocent fisherman was passing by the Mough village as the way to his fishing was blocked due to the rise of water level of the stream. Therefore, he had to use the road beside Mough Village.
When Mough villagers saw him passing by they used stones to attack, injuring him severely on his hands, legs, and chest.
Earlier in January, 2016 two Rohingya fisherman were also shot dead by BGP.
Attacks and Killing by Government authorities have been a common issue in the daily lives of Arkanese Rohingya, which are made unbearable with the collaboration of Moughs as well.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

No education for Rohingya children in Maungdaw

There are schools, teachers and students in Maungdaw, but no education system there, no teaching by teachers to Rohingya children in schools in rural areas since 2012 – occurred conflict between Rohingyas and Rakhine community, said Hamidul Rahaman, father of four students from Maungdaw. Mostly in the education department, the teachers are Rakhine community and didn’t go to schools for fearing of their security and getting their salary on time. Noone object for these. If the Rakhine teachers come to school in the morning, leaving in the noon, without teaching, only gossiping, making sweater, said Hamidul Rahaman. “The Rohingya community was not allow to join for job of teacher.” 

For instance, there are nearly 400-Rohingya children and appointed 9- teacher in the primary school of Khonzabill village, but all the teachers are Raknines and they do not teach the Rohingya children in appropriate way, according to Mohin, a well-wisher of Rohingya from Maungdaw.

Since 2012, after clashes between Rakhine and Rohingya, Rakhine teachers do not go to school in Rohingya village as they give reason that there is no security for them. But the authority concerned did not take any action to the teachers and they get their salary in time.

Everywhere, there are police, earlier Nasaka (present- BGP), army, Hloon Tin camps for security. Why did they say, there is no security for them? said Rakib, a businessman from the locality.

Nur Fiasel, a local village elder said, the Rakhine teachers attend at the school at 9:00 am and gossiping each other in the school and 2:00 pm, they leave school without giving any activites to the students.

In similar way, in other parts of Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships, Rakhine teachers (males and females) do not go to schools in rural areas, especially in Rohingya villages and Rohingya students are deprived of education, he more added.

As a result, Rohingya villagers have to appoint two or three local teachers ( Rohingya who pass class ten) to the school (each one) to teach their children and all the expenses have been borne by the villagers.

Nearby towns, in schools of mixed students (Rakhine and Rohingya), Rekhine teachers regularly go to school and teach lessons to the students, a youth Petan Ali from Buthidaung said.

However, Rohingya villagers of Khonzabill village of Maungdaw Township appointed two local Rohingya teachers in their school to give lessons to their children, after holding a meeting on June 24.  They will collect money from the villagers, villagers said.

The education system, under the present NLD government is the same like ex-government. In short --- “the new bottle with old wine,” said an elder.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Muslim prayer hall in Lone Khin village of Hpakant Township, Kachin State was burned down by a mob on Friday afternoon.

Nearly 30 Muslim families in the village have fled since the outbreak of the riot.
According to residents of the village, the Muslim community had received an ultimatum from local Buddhist nationalists to demolish by Thursday what they claimed was an illegal extension to the Muslim prayer hall.
However, residents have claimed that the disputed structure was in fact an abandoned storeroom that had been used by the Ministry of Construction while building a bridge connecting the village some months ago.
After local Muslims dismantled the structure, the Buddhist nationalists then demanded that they demolish the actual prayer hall, claiming it had been constructed illegally.
“The Muslim community refused to demolish their prayer hall. Their religious leader said they would only do so if the government declared it illegal,” one of the local residents told the Irrawaddy. “That’s why the mob came to burn it.”
“When three fire engines came to put out the fire, they were obstructed by the mob,” he said.
He added that the mob was mostly made up of outsiders, numbering several hundred.
The police and army have now blocked the bridge on the road to Lone Khin village from Hpakant town.
A duty officer at the Mohnyin District police station confirmed the incident but refused to give detailed information because “the case is now under investigation.”
“We have no idea who was behind the incident. At the moment, state and district-level security forces are on the scene,” the officer said.
The incident comes after anti-Muslim rioting far away from Hpakant in Pegu Division’s Thuye Thamain village in Waw Township on June 23, which resulted in the destruction of a mosque, a Muslim cemetery, and a house and storeroom belonging to a Muslim family. Authorities chose not to take action against any of the perpetrators there.

Buthidaung: A Mough stuff of a relief program along with village administrator extorted money from Rohingyas, which were asked to distribute freely by MHDO and WFP in the holy month Ramandan.

A Relief program under the name of Islamic Reflex Myanmar was carried out by MHDO and WFP in Buthidaung, where every Rohingya family were given 25 kg of rice, 2 liters of oil, 5 kg of beans and 3 kg of sugar.
In distributing the Relief a Mough stuff of MHDO with the help of village administrator started extorting 2-3 thousand kyats from every family.
Names and amount extorted from each village are:
Ali Chaung : 3000 kyats per family from 6000 houses
Daddru Chaung and Sarakkuni : 2000 Kyats per family
Soufarang : 3000 kyats per family
Money Extortion on false cases and on illegal pretext have been a part of joint operation carried out by Mough extremists and Government Authorities since the military rule, where no sigh of justice and changes are expected even in the rule of new government.

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