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ARAKAN, Devastation of floods and Cyclone Komen in Arakan, lead 1000s of Rohingyas starved without adequate shelters, and 1000s are in of need immediate medical assistance. 

Authority evacuated Rakhine Buddhists, provided them food and other necessary things. General Min Aung Hlaing visited Arakan and met only Rakhine Buddhists.

Moreover even President Thein Sein visited Arakan, where he met  Rakhine except in Buthidaung where he met only 15 Rohingya.

Chinese delegation accompanied by Chinese Ambassador visited Arakan and donated only to Rakhine Buddhists. Government, Rakhine State authority, leaders and Myanmar Movie Stars used all their capacity to help Rakhine but left Rohingyas to die.

In Kyauktaw, more than 25000 Rohingya need rice and in Min Pya nearly 15000 Rohingya are in urgent need of rice. In Sittwe, Buthidaung and Rathedaung too, 1000s of Rohingya floods victims are starving.

Mrauk U where 20000 Rohingya need food and water immediately, there town Administrator of Mrauk U provided some biscuits only for 4 Rohingya villages.

A Rohingya IDP from Mrauk U reported that camp committee of Paring demanded 10000kyats from each family whose ration were cut by staffs of WFP.

The Committee told them “We don’t demand the money, the staffs who bring ration here commanded us to collect 10000kyats from each family if they wanted their ration.” Where can we find 10000kyats, we don’t have 10 kyats even ” said a local named Bilkis whose ration has been cut since July 2015.

Soon after the floods ceased in some places such as Pauktaw, Myay Bon, Kyauktaw, Min Pya, authority met Rohingya floods victims who are desperately waiting for help. They had to receive genocidal green cards instead of aid, which is designed only for Rohingyas to make them illegal immigrats from Bangladesh in their own homeland.

Instead of helping Rohingya floods victims, authority has started genocidal greed cards operation.

 Sittwe (Akyab) Township Court sentenced 18 Rohingyas to one-and-half-year Imprisonment each under immigration act Section 13 (1) on August 5, a local said.

All of the people imprisoned are locals of Sittwe Township with most of them being internally displaced people (IDP) living in the IDP Camps. They were arrested and charged by the Sittwe Immigration under ‘Illegal Border Crossing’ on April 7, 2014 for returning from Bangladesh after getting medical treatments.

“They are all innocent. There were no access for the Rohingyas here to medical and health services after the INGOs and the foreign humanitarians were ousted by the violent Rakkhine extremist mob at the end of March 2014.

They travelled to Bangladesh to have medical treatment required critically. As they returned, they were arrested and charged by the immigration,” said a local in Sittwe.

On August 5, they were sentenced to one and half year imprisonment. There were some very sick and elderly people among those imprisoned,” he added.

The locals view that the imprisonments are extremely unjust, unsympathetic and prejudicial because it happened at a time that everyone is facing miseries in the region and all over the country as the result of disastrous aftermaths of the recent Komen Cyclone and they didn’t do anything illegal by returning to their own country after taking medical treatments in Bangladesh.

On one hand, the government has declared amnesty for many prisoners in the country and released many, on another hand; they have imprisoned many innocent people.

The 18 people are

NoNameFather’s NameAgeAddress
1U Mohammed RashidU Mohammed Hussein60Bawdupha IDP Camps
2Daw Gul Bahar [sic]U Abdur Rashid82Darpaing Rwa Haung
3Daw SalimaU Abul Fazal76Darpaing IDP Camps
4U Kyaw MinU Noor Ahmed69Bumay village
5Daw ShaficaU Sharif53Bawdupha IDP Camps
6Daw AishahU Mohammed Hasan52Bawdupha IDP Camps
7U Siddique???54Bawdupha IDP Camps
8Daw Monira BegumU Hasan40Thakkay Pyin IDP Camps
9???U Abdu40Bawdupha IDP Camps
10Daw RahimaMuhammad Hasan48Bawdupha IDP Camps
11Nesar Ahmed???28Bawdupha IDP Camps
12Mohammed HusseinU Nazir Ahmed29Thay Chaung Village
13IsmailU Mohammed Rashid27Darpaing Rwa Haung
14???USiddique14Bawdupha IDP Camps
15Mohammed ShafiU Omar Siddique10Bawdupha IDP Camps
16???U Maung Hla10Bawdupha IDP Camps
17???U Abdu Nabi10Bawdupha IDP Camps
18???U Abdu Nabi7Bawdupha IDP Camps

Of the 18 people, three women, Daw Gul Bahar [sic], Daw Salima and Daw Shafica are facing severe diseases. Daw Gul Bahar [sic] was later transferred to Sittwe General Hospital for treatment.

Daw Salima is patient of Heart Disease, Chronic Gastric Pains and Kidney Diseases, Daw Shafica has asthma and had her one-eye operated and another one also needs treatments.

Later, the four under-aged children, three of age 10 and one of age 7, were released.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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 Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) shot and killed a Rohingya man in Maungdaw Township yesterday after being high on alcohol.

The deceased is identified to be Kyaw Zeya Oo hails from ‘Alay Than Kyaw (Haishshu Rata)’ village in southern Maungdaw. The BGP personnel responsible for the killing are serving under the camp based at the premise of the government school in the village.

“A few patrolling BGP personnel led by a deputy lieutenant got drunk and encountered with Kyaw Zeya Oo in front of his home around 8:00PM last night. The BGP officer demanded him to give them a place at his home to drink alcohol some more.

Upon that, he (Kyaw Zeya Oo) replied that it would not be good for him to give them a place for drinking as there is a patient at his home. He also advised them that it would not be good for them either if they drank more since they (the BGP personnel) had already been high on alcohol.

It led to an argument between him and the BGP officer (the deputy lieutenant). Amidst the quarrelling, the BGP officer opened fires at him. Three bullets hit him causing him fatal injuries. Subsequently after that, the BGP officer left the place screaming ‘there won’t be any problems for me if I kill all the *Kulars in this village.  

Soon after, some villagers saw the victim (Kyaw Zeya Oo) ailing at the place with the fatal injuries. Therefore, the villagers picked him up and rushed to the Maungdaw Hospital with him,” said an eyewitness who saw the victim in ailing condition.

It has been learnt that the doctors in the Maungdaw Hospital said that the injuries caused by the bullets were fatal and his situation was critical. Hence, the doctors asked the people that admitted him to the hospital to discharge him and take him back home.

However, he passed away 10 minutes after that. His dead body was discharged after the postmortem, according to the reports.

The deceased person, Kyaw Zeya Oo also known as Asadullah Kadir Hussein, was a collaborator and right-hand man of Maung Than Naing, the administrator of Alay Than Kyaw village. Maung Than Naing, a Rakhine extremist, is also notorious for his complicity in human trafficking in the region.

Note: It is still uncertain why exactly Kyaw Zeya Oo was shot dead. It will be updated soon.
Latest reports say that the person shot at didn’t die but still in critical condition with the injuries. As of now, it’s difficult to take exact information as the Security has been tightened in the region.

*Kular= a derogatory word used against the people of Indian descends, now notoriously used against the Muslims population after 2012

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