Thursday, 1 September 2016

Maungdaw- A Police officer collaborated with two village heads and a land-surveyor destroyed the new houses of three poor Rohingya built after collapse their former houses due to river erosion as they failed extorting money secondly in northern Maungdaw, Arakan, said a villager.

Due to river erosion in the rainy season, many houses alongside the Proma Chaung river bank collapsed where most families were able to build houses in the same compounds moving a little bit back as the compounds were spacious.  But three poor Rohingya were unable and so the authorities gave them permission to build new houses in nearer hill-side after a sum of money extortion. The three poor Rohingya are:
  • Aenayot Ullah, son of Zafour Alam, was extored 205 thousands and 150 thousands kyats by village head U Ansu Maung and land surveyor U Sen Hla Maung of Senkapanrang respectively, 50 thousands Kyats by police officer U Ba Tun from Kring Chaung Camp and 125 thousands Kyats by Kring Chaung village head U Aung Kyaw Thien.
  • Mouson Ali, son of Abul Huson, was extored 260 thousands and 280 thousands kyats by village head and land surveyor of Senkapanrang respectively, 50 thousands Kyats by police officer and 225 thousands Kyats by Kring Chaung village head.
  • Mason, son of Amir Huson, was extorted 50 thousands and 15 thousands kyats by village head and land surveyor of Senkapanrang respectively, 25 thousands Kyats by police officer and 50 thousands Kyats by Kring Chaung village head.
After about a month, the authorities demanded money again from them but the poor Rohingya people could not give as they became penniless totally. But the rude authorities did not stop there.
They brought the permission from the township administrator to destroy the houses reporting falsely that some Rohingya villagers built houses on farmlands. On 23 August, the three houses were destroyed due to the strong instruction of the Senkapanrang village head U Ansu Maung.
At present the poor and helpless Rohingya families have become homeless and are passing nights and days under the open sky without sleeping properly and having hygienic foods for the cruelty of the authorities concerned.

Military police as well as traffic police have jointly started a campaign of extorting money from the innocent Rohingya who carry people by vehicles for shopping and treatment in Swittwe, Arakan, the locals have said.

Traffic police have been torturing the Rohingya vehicle owners by extorting money unlawfully on different accusations for about two years. Mostly Rohingya people use buses, motorcycles and trishaws necessarily to go for shopping and treatment in Thakke Prang village tract where people cannot go on foot for distance.
From 20, August 2016, military police and traffic police have been accelerating the extortion of money form Rohingya, who go to Thakke Prang from different places by vehicles, on accuse of baseless and unacceptable issues which make the people boring leading to hardship for survival.
The authorities extort 30 thousands to 50 thousands Kyats per one vehicle. If anyone refuses to give money, they threaten them of seizing vehicles forever.
The poor and innocent Rohingya people are seeking the shelter under law but the NLD Government does not pay a heed to them as the sufferers are needed to be vanished soon from Arakan, they have added.

Maungdaw- An innocent Rohingya toddler of 18 months old died in the hospital on 30, August as the nurse on duty denied to do treatment because of being different race, religion and culture in Maungdaw, Arakan, our correspondent reported.

The toddler was the daughter of Ismail, 30 years old, who hails from Ward No. 5 of Maungdaw Town. Due to severe fever, he hospitalized his dear daughter at Public Hospital of Maungdaw District at around 1 pm on 29, August but no doctors or nurses came to check the patient after admission.
At mid-night, the toddler seemed very serious and the guardian rushed to the nurse on duty to call. But the nurse ill-treated him and said, “This is not related to me. What will you get from me crying here? You yourself take care of your patient.”
Hearing all these bitter words, he came back with tears in eyes and had been sitting by his daughter helplessly for the whole night. The next day morning at 7 am, his patient passed away in the hospital.
Rohingya people come there from south and north of Maungdaw hoping to have treatment at hospital but they are brutally insulted by the doctors and nurses and finally, they are compelled to fight with premature death for not getting treatment.
According to the locals, this hospital is worse than a custody where police arbitrarily torture the Rohingya people.
The Buddhists from all classes and the authorities have made Arakan a hell for Rohingya people who see burning fire from all sides and find no way to escape. And depriving a community of medical facilities is a soft way of genocide.

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