Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Arakan Sate government has recently changed Border Guard Police (BGP) to Special BGP in the mood of intensifying physical and mental tortures with extorting money which are integrations of silent genocide against the ethnic Rohingya in Arakan State.

On Sunday, 2nd October, a poor farmer Mohammad Yunus, 45, son of Abdu Roshid hailing from Ward-9, Yangma village, Ngarang Chung under Buthidaung was arbitrarily and unexpectedly arrested by Special BGP from Taung Bazar Camp on the way of coming back home from his farmlands in the hill-tract situated behind Taung Bazar, said a relative of the victim on the condition of anonymity.
By the time he had already been taken to the camp, he asked the police why he was arrested and tortured physically. In reply the police said, “We have arrested you on the accusation of injecting and selling medicine to people illegally in the hill-track area.”
Without any exhibit, the police were thrashing him severely in the camp and told him to inform his family or relatives through their informer to release him on pledge by giving 2 million Kyats, he added.
According to one of his neighbours, his family somehow could manage 700 thousands Kyats which were given at the hand of Camp-in-Charge and released him. As he has nothing else now to feed his family, they are starving sometimes if he cannot earn money by doing daily works of other people.
Such starving is common among Rohingya people in Arakan due to authorities’ tortures which eventually cause deaths and it is undoubtedly a technique of silent genocide.

The Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) and the Rakhine extremists assaulted a Rohingya village in Buthidaung Township and its villagers yesterday with a wild accusation of harassing and attempting to rape a Rakhine woman, a reliable source in the village reports.

“A Rakhine woman was fishing in a Rohingya-owned farm-land at ‘Boli Fara’ village of ‘Zaydi Taung’ village tract yesterday. While she was netting the fishing, she was destroying the paddy crops. Therefore, the owner of the land prevented from fishing. Then, then started arguing and quarrelling.
So, she left to her village, Mrong Daung village of San Goe Taung village tract. Soon after, numbers of the Border Guard Police members and Rakhine extremists arrived to the Rohingya village and started attacking its people.
They plundered many Rohingya homes and physically injured many people,” reported a Rohingya from Zay Di Taung village.
During the assault, the Rakhine extremists and the Police told the villagers that they were punishing them because one of their villagers harassed; and attempted to rape and kill the Rakhine woman (in the report). Only, then the villagers came to know why they were being attacked.
The locals are worried because the Rakhine extremists with the supports of the armed forces are repeatedly trying to create riots and attack them on mere accusations.

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