Friday, 30 December 2016

Maungdaw — At the village of Kyikanpyin in Northern Maungdaw, 16 Rohingya men including some teenagers were arbitrarily arrested by the Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) during a raid jointly conducted with the military in the early morning on Thursday (Dec 29), it has been reported.

About 150 BGP and Military personnel besieged the Kyikanyin village locally known as Hawar Bil at about 4:00 am and indiscriminately arrested anyone encountered during the joint raid. All of the 16 men arrested are innocent people, according to the locals.
Reportedly, the administrator of Kyikanpyin, U Phyo Zaw Tun (a natala Rakhine extremist living at Aung Zeyar village), conspired with the BGP to launch a raid on the village to arrest the villagers whom he personally loathes.
“Earlier, people used to be alert of the raids and arrests by the military and the BGP. Off late, people have begun to try to live a normal life.
“And UNHCR and WFP provided some aids to the villagers of Kyikanpyin a few days ago. The UNHCR was also to provide aids to the villagers of Wa Peik (WaBek) on Thursday. So, some villagers stayed back in the village at night with the hope of having UNHCR aids on the next day.
“Taking advantage of the both situations, the BGP and the military acting on the arrest-list of aubmitted by the village administrator timingly launched a raid on the village and arbitrarily arrested 16 innocent people”, said U Aye Myint, a human rights observer, based in Maungdaw.
The people arrested on Thursday are:
(From the West hamlet of Kyikanpyin,)
1) Ibadullah (20), s/o Hassan
2) Faisal (19), s/o Abdu Salam
3) A 17-year-old son of Jalal Ahmed
4) Anwar Sadek (17), s/o Abdul Majid
5) Kabir (17), s/o Daw Mamtaaz
(These four are from the West hamlet of Kyikanpyin.)
(From middle hamlet of Kyikanpyin,)
1) Mohammed Salam, 47
2) Karimullah (16), s/o Zakir Ahmed
3) Aamir Safa (17), s/o Salimullah
(From Wapeik hamlet of Kyikanpyin,)
1) Noor Islam (25), s/o Hamid Hussein
2) Mohammed Johar (21), s/o Sheikh Ahmed
3) Sayed Ahmed (40), s/o Fazal Ahmed
4) Hassan (31), s/o Rashid Ahmed
5) Safar Alam (20), s/o Shomsul Alam
6) Iman Hussein, 50
7) Rafique (?), s/o Khalu
8) Mohammed Alam (?), s/o Daw Habiya Khatun
The people arrested are reported to have been being interrogated in the BGP Headquarter. The villagers are still hopeful that they will eventually be released as they feel that they are very much innocent.
The Myanmar military began a full-on offensives on the Rohingya community at large in northern Maungdaw on the pretext of ‘Region Clearance Operation’ as the aftermaths of the raids by a rebel group — born out of decades-long persecutions which has now been identified as Harakat Al Yakin or the Faith Movement — on three Border Guard Police posts in Maungdaw on October 9, 2016. Since then, at least 1,000 civilians have been arrested, tortured and subjected to arbitrary detentions/long-term imprisonments without fair trials.

The Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) continues to demolish Rohingya homes daily across Maungdaw district since mid December 2016, reliable reports emerge from Maungdaw.

After burning thousands of Rohingya homes in northern Maungdaw since October 9, the BGP began to demolish homes in northern Maungdaw, which later spread to other parts of Maungdaw district including southern Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township. 
The BGP, reportedly acting on the order by the Rakhine State Chief Minister and the Commander in-Chief of the BGP, have recently demolished homes in the following villages (besides the reports on the demolition of homes we have earlier).
In Northern Maungdaw,
I) In LonDoong village on December 27,
1) 11 houses and 4 shops were destroyed at Kyun Gaung hamlet of LonDoong
2) 15 houses were destroyed at ‘Kyaik Chaung’ hamlet of LonDoong (some 40-year old homes were also destroyed.)
3) 25 houses were destroyed at ‘Sinthae Pyin’ hamlet of Londoong
4) 8 houses and 3 shops were destroyed at ‘Zaydi Pyin’ hamlet of LonDoong
15) 15 houses were destroyed at ‘Mya Zin’ hamlet of LonDoong.
II) In ‘Sabbay Gone’ village on December 27,
1) 8 houses were destroyed. 
III) In ‘Taung Pyo Lat Ya’ on December 26,
1) 3 houses were destroyed.
IV) In ‘Thayet Oak’ village on December 25,
1) 6 houses were destroyed.
V) In ‘Kyauk Pyin Seik’ village on December 26,
1) 25 houses and 15 shops were ordered to be destroyed.
In Southern Maungdaw,
I) In the village of ‘Padin’ on December 26,
1) 11 houses and 6 shops
II) In the village of  ‘Du Nyaung Pin Gyi’ on December 26,
1) 5 houses were destroyed. 
After continuously demolishing homes in the rural areas, the BGP has handed further lists of homes to be destroyed over to the administrators of the respective Rohingya villages in the outskirts of the downtown of Maungdaw.
Hundreds of Rohingya homes have been demolished in the Buthidaung Township in the recent weeks. 
The houses and shops being destroyed in the rural villages are not modern buildings that require officials’ permission(s) but traditional country-type structures built of bamboos and woods and covered with ‘Nipa Palm Leaves.’ These widespread destructions of homes are now seen among the locals as yet another attempt of cleansing their (i.e. Rohingya) population through systematic displacement of the people.
The order to demolish homes had only been imposed on the Rohingya community, not on the Rakhine Buddhist community.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

During a raid on December 24, 2016, the Myanmar military perpetrated sexual assaults and physical assaults targeting the Rohingya villagers at ‘Kyun Pauk Phyu Zu’ in ‘Taung Pyo Lat Wai’ Township, northern Maungdaw, according to the reliable sources.

At least three Rohingya women were raped by the military during the raid in the village as many men fled in fear of arbitrary arrests, torture and unlawful detention. The raped victims are identified as:
  • The 21-year-old wife of Mr. ME (real name withheld)
  • A 30-year-old daughter of Mr. AA (real name withheld)
  • The 22-year-old wife of Mr. SN (real name withheld)
The military further beat and tortured the villagers including children, young and old (wherever encountered) and plundered the villagers’ properties. Some victims seriously tortured are identified as:
  • Amir Ahmed (35)
  • Abdul Ma’abud (36), Haidar
The Burmese military have continued a brutal military assaults on the Rohingya civilians in the name of ‘Region Clearance Operation’ and indulged in the Crimes of Genocide since October 9, 2016. The Myanmar government stick to blanket denials of any wrongdoings by its troops despite the reports by the human rights groups like HRW, Amnesty International and Fortify Rights; many and other reliable sources.

A Rohingya man who refused to demolish his own home was shot at head by Myanmar’s Border Police (BGP) in northern Maungdaw on December 25, while the BGP continues to demolish more Rohingya homes across the Maungdaw District reportedly on the order by the Rakhine (Arakan) State Administration, it has been reported.

The incident happened at the village of ‘Wa Chein’ (in northern Maungdaw) at around 11 am on Sunday and the victim is identified as Zahid Hussein s/o Aamir Hussein.
“The victim was fortunate enough to escape death as the bullet hit at the left side of his head but lost his consciousness and fell down immediately. He is now in critical condition being treated in the clinic in ‘Taman Thar’ village, according to the reliable sources in the region.
“The BGP ordered the villagers of ‘Wa Chein’ to destroy 30 homes on the pretext that they were not included in the ‘Household Map.’ The villagers didn’t demolish their homes. So, the BGP raided the village on December 25.
“They arrived at Zahid Hussein’s home and ordered him to Demolish his own home. He replied that he couldn’t do so without looking at the situation and would do so only when others do. So, the BGP forced started and torturing him and another BGP man shot him at his head from 5 yards away.
He fell down and became critical. He is now being treated at Taman Thar Clinic”, said a local on the condition of anonymity.
After the incident happened, the BGP forced other six families in the village to demolish their home using threats and terror and then ordered to demolish the remaining.
Some homes demolished at the village of ‘Wa Chein’ belong to the following people.
1) Ali Hussein s/o Noor Hussein
2) Abu Ahmed s/o Noor Mohammed
3) Zahid Hussein s/o Aamir Hussein
4) Abu Alam s/o Sultan Ahmed
5) Mohammed Shafi s/o Abdu Jalil
The numbers of the people becoming displaced are alarmingly increasing and many people are trying to flee to Bangladesh as the BGP forces continues to demolish more and more Rohingya homes across Maungdaw a2nd Buthidaung Townships reportedly acting on the Order by the Rakhine State Administration (controlled by NLD).

A list of homes and shops destroyed recently at some other villages is as follows.
On December 22, 3 houses were demolished at ‘Zuthar Hali.’ The house owners are:
1) Mohammed Hussein (31), s/o Abul Hussein
2) Fedaan Ali (25), s/o Ghaffar
3) Noor Mustafa (42), s/o Nurul Hoque
On December 22, 2 shops were demolished at ‘Faari.’ The owners are:
1) Inayatullah (41), s/o Halimullah
2) Dolu (40), s/o Abu Nu’man
On December 24, 5 houses were demolished at ‘Maudi’ village. The owners are
1) Zahid Alam s/o Sayed Alam
2) Noor Alam (20), s/o Mohammed Ali
3) Mohammed Sharif (20), s/o Shamim Jalal
4) For Alam (24), s/o Mv Hakim Ali
5) Ayub (25), s/o Sayed Noor
On December 24, six houses were destroyed at ‘Fulaya’ hamlet of ‘Kwan Thi Pin’ village. They belong to:
1) Zafar (30), s/o of Rashid Ahmed
2) Mohammed Rashid (25), s/o Sirajullah
3) Dil Mohammed (50), s/o Rashiduddin
4) Faisal (24), s/o Islam
5) Osman (23), s/o Nooru
6) Mohammed Ayub (25), s/o Noor Mohammed
On December 24, two mosques, two shops and 8 homes were demolished by the BGP at the village of Kyar Gaung Taung locally known as Rabailla.
Mostly, the BGP have forced the Rohingya villagers to dismantle their own houses and shops at gun-points or by means of using threats of imprisonment. In the occasions when the locals resisted, the BGP themselves have demolished many homes. It has also been reported that the BGP indulge in plundering Rohingya properties and livestocks during their raids on Rohingya villages to destroy homes.
More than 50,000 Rohingya people have already been displaced by the brutal military offensives in northern Maungdaw, a region which has been sealed off from international media and humanitarians, since October 9, 2016. Adding to that, the government actions to demolish more homes are leaving many people without any shelter in this winter and going by the emerging reports, many more people in Maungdaw are trying to flee to neighboring Bangladesh for the safety of their lives.
“On one hand, they unlawfully killed, torured and arrested hundreds of innocent people and raped many women. On another hand, they burnt down thousands of homes. And then, they removed fences surrounding our homes. And now, they are destroying our homes. More people are trying to flee to Bangladesh. Where are the laws and humanity?” exclaimed an elderly in northern Maungdaw, while speaking to Rohingya Vision TV.
The houses and shops being destroyed in the rural villages are not modern buildings that require officials’ permission(s) but traditional country-type structures built of bamboos and woods and covered with ‘Nipa Palm Leaves.’ These widespread destructions of homes are now seen among the locals as yet another attempt of cleansing their (i.e. Rohingya) population through systematic displacement of the people.
The order to demolish homes had only been imposed on the Rohingya community, not on the Rakhine Buddhist community.

Locals believe it is a deliberate sabotage of innocent people’s lives

Maungdaw — A measles vaccine program conducted by the Myanmar health department in northern Maungdaw resulted in one Rohingya child suffering excruciating deaths and other five children in critical conditions, according to the reliable sources in the region.
In collaboration with the Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP), the Health Department gave the tainted vaccines to many children at the ‘Maggyi Chaung’ hamlet of Quarter 4, ‘Khamauk Seik’ Township, northern Maungdaw, on December 23.
Six children began to suffer from excruciating spasms of muscles as the consequence of the measles vaccines according to a local report. However, how the vaccine has caused the deterioration of the children’s conditions is unidentified/unexplained yet.
One of the children who is confirmed dead at around 10 am on December 25 is ‘Yaasin s/o Badi Alam.’
Other five children feared to have been dead in the hospital by now are:
1) Jannat Ara Begum d/o Shafi Alam
2) Khawsar Ara Begum d/o Shafi Alam
3) Najimullah s/o Kamal Hussein
4) A son of Zahid and Samuda Khatun
5) A son of Gura Meah and Rabia Khatun
The Border Guard Police (BGP) have earlier announced that the vaccination is compulsory for all the Rohingyas in Maungdaw and Buthidaung.
“The BGP has announced that the vaccination is mandatory for every child and later adult too. They threatened that if we refrain from vaccinations, we will be arrested, fined and imprisoned. They have seized ‘the household registration lists’ from some families and would return them only when the families get vaccinated.
“And they said this was to prevent diseases from spreading. But hearing the deaths of the children in Maungdaw after the vaccinations, we are afraid it could be an attempt by the government to deliberately sobotage many of our lives,” said a worried Rohingya elder, Buthidaung in speaking to Rohingya Vision TV on the condition of anonymity.
The vaccination program is increasingly triggering panic among the locals across Maungdaw and Buthidaung after the incidents in northern Maungdaw region as they are seeing it as a new genocidal depopulation program being implemented by the Myanmar government. Some people are even requesting the International Community to help them find out antidotes for the vaccine which they call ‘Poison Injection.’

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Arakan today

Maungdaw – The Burmese armed forces have continuously been committting mass atrocities against the Rohingya minority in Maungdaw, rapes against their women and inhumane tortures of the victims the arbitrary detentions since October 9.
It has been learnt that the Burmese military have been taking several measures to conceal their crimes as the former UN secretary General Mr. Kofi Anan is due to visit the region.
Following are the updates on the unfolding situation on the ground.
30/11/16 2 pm: Hundreds of Rohingya civilians arrested in northern Maungdaw between Nov 25 and 26 are being inhumanely tortured at Kyikanpyin BGP Headquarter.
Reportedly, many of them have been blinded as their eye-nerves have been cut off or their eyes have been gouged, says a detainee who has recently been released.
30/11/16 1:30 pm: Burmese authorities have shifted all Rohingya prisoners detained arbitrarily in Buthidaung Prison (after October 9) to the nearby jungles.
Now, the victims are besieged are heavily guarded by the military in jungles. This is to the conceal crimes of the military against the Rohingya as KofiAnnan is due to visit the region
30/11/16 1 pm: Since November 26, some Burmese troops have been being extra nice to some Rohingya villagers, whose homes had been burnt down, in northern Maungdaw.
The troops are asking the displaced Rohingyas to resume their daily activities and return to their places and make tents over their places instead of living outside in the field.
The locals are highly suspicious of the sudden changes in the behaviors of the military. Is it a trap to arrest more Rohingya men or because of @KofiAnnan pending visit?
30/11/16 9 am: The group of the 46 Burmese troops that gang-raped a teenage Rohingya girl at Sinthaepyin village last night have entered the village mosque with their shoes on since this morning are now vandalizing the Mosque and tearing off the Holy Quran.
30/11/16 9 am: A Burmese Army attack helicopter continues to fly over Sinthaepyin village. The Rohingya villagers are feared of air-attacks.
30/11/16 9 am: A group of 46 Burmese troops Gang-Raped a teenage Rohingya girl at Kyun Gaung hamlet of LoneDoong VT on November 29 night.
29/11/16 6 pm: Burmese Border Guard Police arbitrarily arrested Mv Abdul Aziz Ismail, a religious scholar, from Kan Seik hamlet of Auk Pho Village tract, Kyauk Tan area, Rathedaung at 2 pm today (on November 29).
He is being detained and tortured at Nyaung Chaung BGP camp in Buthidaung.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Arakan: Military detained 3 innocent Rohingyas from ward 9 of Taugabazar, Buthidaung township on 27th October and another from Shilkali (Chinkali) Rohingya IDP village, Rathedaung township on 28th October 2016, according to local villagers.

Rohingyas from ward 9 of Taugbazar were arrested by military at 6:10 PM and were beaten and tortured brutally in front of their homes. Later they were arrested and taken to headquarter. Reason of arrest is still unknown. Victims are identified to be :

  1. Shukkur S/O Khulla Mia, 35
  2. Hafez Muhammed Irdis S/O Abdullah, 35
  3. Shunna Mia S/O Lal Mia, 30
In the same night at about 1 AM military again arrived in the same village, where another 8 Rohingyas were beaten and harassed inhumanly.  Later they extorted 50000 Kyats from each. Victims are identified to be:  
  1. Salim S/O Abdu Salam, 45
  2. Muhammed hares S/O Sayed Hussain, 16
  3. Muhammed Yasin S/O Nobi Hussain, 18
  4. Muhammed Ayas S/O Muhammed Hussain, 18
  5. Yousuf Ali, 17
  6. Shuaib,14
  7. Muhammed Hares S/O Salamutullah, 20
  8. Ibrahim S/O Jabbar, 22
Similarly in the second incidence BGP’s 2nd  battalion commander in collaboration with a Rakhine (magh) village administrator arrested another Rohingya from Rathedaung township while passing from a local tea shop and took him to the BGP headquarter at 01:00 PM afternoon.
The victim is identified to be Ayub S/O Kadir Hussain, 38 hailing from Shilkali (Chinkali) Rohingya IDP village and is the village administrator the same village. Since the arrest he is in incommunicado from his family and they are in fear of receiving his death news due to obvious tortures of military on the arrestee. According to locals the arrest was preplanned from 11th October for the attacks of 9th October.

Friday, 28 October 2016


The North America based Rohingya political and social organizations have joined together to announce Demonstrations Against Myanmar (Burma) Government and its Security Forces to Stop Genocide of Rohingya
Immediately which is to be held in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, November 1 , 2016.
The demonstrations will demand Myanmar State Counsellor and Foreign Affairs Minister Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led NLD government and its
Security Forces to immediately stop recent extrajudicial killings of unarmed innocent Rohingya population, gang rape of Rohingya women and burning down of Rohingya houses in Maungdaw Township and all human rights violations across the Arakan State. It will also demand US, UN and International Community to raise their voices and send a UN Investigation Commission for the recent human rights violations including mass atrocities, crimes against humanity, revocation of citizenship rights, civil and political rights, blocking of foods so that Rohingyas could be saved and protected by UN Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Principle Pillar III. In these regards, we would like to invite all Rohingya, peace-loving American people and organizations to join hands with us to participate in the Rohingya Demonstration in Washington, D.C. according to the following program.

Demonstration Program Details:
(1) Demonstration in front of Myanmar Embassy in USA
Location: 2300 S Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20008
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2016
(2) Demonstration in Lafayette Park, The White House
Location: Lafayette Park-Northeast Quadrant, The White House
Time: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Demonstrations Organized by:
(1) Arakan Institute for Peace and Development (AiPAD) USA
(2) Rohingya American Society (RAS) USA
(3) World Rohingya Organization (WRO) USA
(4) Rohingya Culture Center (RCC) USA
(5) Rohingya Association of Canada (RAC) Canada
For More Information, Please Contact:
(1) Former Rohingya MP U Shwe Maung (Tel: +1-330-785-6603)
(2) Muhiuddin Yusof (Tel: +1-716-544-1803)
(3) Shaukhat U Kyaw Soe Aung @ MSK Jilani (Tel: +1-414-736-4273)
(4) Anwar Shah Arakani (Tel: +1-519-781-3800)
(5) Nasir Zakaria (Tel: +1-872-203-4921)

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Burmese military brutally raped 8 Rohingya women at ‘Oo Kye Kyar (Bura Shiddafara) village in northern Maungdaw during a raid on Wednesday (October 19) morning, a local source confirms.

Besides, the military looted money, gold and other ornaments from many women taking advantage of the situation that the (Rohingya) men went into hiding to escape arbitrary arrests, tortures and killings (by the military).
“They conducted raid on each and every house. During the raids, they brutally raped 8 Rohingya women. Some rape victims are still in miserable conditions as they can’t get medical treatment.
“On the other hand, in some houses, the military forced women to take off their ornaments and give away to them. In some other houses, they just brutally pulled away earrings from the ears of the women and chains from their necks,” said a local resident of the village.
The victims of the rapes are:
  • Z…… (Daughter of) ? ……, 35
  • F…… (Daughter of) N……, 15
  • H…… (Daughter of) A……, 18
  • N…… (Daughter of) A……, 20
  • T…… (Daughter of) R……, 35
  • N……. (Daughter of) Z……., 35
  • A…… (Daughter of) N……., 15
  • R…… (Daughter of) G……., 35
Two more women are feared to have been raped by the military, which is yet to be confirmed.
“On pretext of ‘Cleansing Region, the Burmese military is continuously committing atrocities, rapes and other serious crimes against the innocent Rohingya civilians”, said the above-mentioned resident of ‘Oo Kye Kyar’, “is Raping innocent women of the ethnic minorities really required in the military operations of Burmese regime?”

The Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) uprooted an entire Rohingya hamlet at KyiKanPyin (Hawar Bil) village in Maungdaw Township today.

The hamlet known as ‘the Middle Hamlet’ comprises around 300 households with over 2,000 people and is the biggest hamlet in KyiKanPyin village. The locals in the hamlet were ordered by the BGP yesterday to leave their homes by today, which is now leading to a mass exodus to different neighbouring villages.
“An officer named Colonel Thura Sann Lwin has been recently appointed as new commander for the BGP Headquarter in KyiKanPyin. He yesterday ordered us through our village administrator to leave our homes by today. As so, the BGP forces started raiding our hamlet and driving us out from our homes around 11 AM today,” said a local who was also driven out of his home.
It has been learnt that the local residents are not even allowed to come back to their homes even to take and pack up their properties and belongings forgotten and left while they were being hastily driven out once after they had left their homes.
Worse, the authorities are not providing them any other places or homes to stay at after expelling them from their original homes.
“They don’t even allow us to go back to our homes and pack up our stuffs. They are not relocating us but expelling us from our own homes by force,” a local woman exclaimed while fleeing.
“Where will we stay after we leave our homes? Have there been places arranged for us?” asked a village elder to the BGP Commander this morning.
He (the Commander) replied by saying “I don’t know. There are such places arranged for you. Leave wherever you can. I am just following the order from the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT.”
Meanwhile, people are hopelessly fleeing to the neighborhoods without knowing where to stay at and where to eat. And It’s heart-wrenching to see their miserable plights.
Since October 9, more than 20,000 Rohingya civilians have been displaced by the continuous Burmese military assaults in northern Maungdaw region. The journalists and the humanitarians are also blocked from getting access to the whole region leading to a humanitarian catastrophe.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Burmese authorities backed by an extremist section of Rakhine society are plotting to escalate an already ongoing military violence against the local Rohingya civilians in Maungdaw tonight by using some members of the local Hindu community, who look like Rohingyas in appearances, a reliable source reports.

The Hindus have been trained how to recite some Quranic verses and chant Takbir ‘Allahu Akbar.’ According to latest reports, around 100 Hindus have gathered before the Maungdaw Hospital in Muslim dress-up and disguised as local Rohingya Muslims since 9:00 PM (Myanmar Time).
They are expected to chat ‘Allahu Akbar’ and instigate local Muslims, who are unaware of the plot staged by the authorities, to violently act against the authorities tonight in the name of ‘Jihad.’ If not tonight, it is expected in anytime soon.
An elderly Rohingya man said “I believe the authorities and the military are staging the plot so that they can have the follow benefits in their favor.
  • When chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and rallying along the roads in the downtown, the government will film them (the Hindus) and portray them as the Rohingyas to be calling for Jihad; and in turn, with those videos, the military will portray the local Rohingyas to the world as terrorists.
  • To kill more innocent Rohingyas when any unaware Rohingyas come out to the street and happen to join the rallying Hindus in Muslim disguise.
  • To arbitrary arrest more innocent Rohingyas
  • And to loot Rohingya-owned shops.
Through the different media platforms, we are letting the world know in advance that no Muslim in Maungdaw Township is involved in such a rally (of the Hindu people in Muslim disguise) that may happen tonight or anytime in the future.”
The local fears that if the Burmese authorities and the military are successful in their plot, they will have a perfect excuse to create unrests and the local Rohingyas in the downtown of Maungdaw as well as in southern Maungdaw.
Comparing to the region of northern Maungdaw where the military has been conducting full-blown offensive wars against the Rohingya civilians, the downtown of Maungdaw and the southern outskirt of Maungdaw are relatively quiet.
Therefore, it is likely the Burmese authorities and the military want to escalate the offensive war against the Rohingya civilians all over Maungdaw and from there, all over Arakan.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Breaking Updates: New Form of Violence Unfold against #Rohingya #Pray4Rohingya

Reportedly, a Rakhine militant group -- the Arakan Army (AA) or Arakan Liberation Army (ALA) – was behind the attack on the BGP Headquarter in ‘Kyi Kan Pyin village.’ But the Rakhine Politicians and other interested groups are putting the blame on the Rohingya civilians and the so-called Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO).
The world knows the RSO is no longer existent and the Rohingya people are neither educated nor trained enough to launch such an attack on the BGP headquarter. It’s another plot to commit another massacre against the Rohingya people. It’s a part of Rakhine Action Plan to make the people of Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships internally displaced like in Sittwe (Akyab), Pauktaw and Kyaukphyu,” said a Rohingya youth in Maungdaw.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Arakan Sate government has recently changed Border Guard Police (BGP) to Special BGP in the mood of intensifying physical and mental tortures with extorting money which are integrations of silent genocide against the ethnic Rohingya in Arakan State.

On Sunday, 2nd October, a poor farmer Mohammad Yunus, 45, son of Abdu Roshid hailing from Ward-9, Yangma village, Ngarang Chung under Buthidaung was arbitrarily and unexpectedly arrested by Special BGP from Taung Bazar Camp on the way of coming back home from his farmlands in the hill-tract situated behind Taung Bazar, said a relative of the victim on the condition of anonymity.
By the time he had already been taken to the camp, he asked the police why he was arrested and tortured physically. In reply the police said, “We have arrested you on the accusation of injecting and selling medicine to people illegally in the hill-track area.”
Without any exhibit, the police were thrashing him severely in the camp and told him to inform his family or relatives through their informer to release him on pledge by giving 2 million Kyats, he added.
According to one of his neighbours, his family somehow could manage 700 thousands Kyats which were given at the hand of Camp-in-Charge and released him. As he has nothing else now to feed his family, they are starving sometimes if he cannot earn money by doing daily works of other people.
Such starving is common among Rohingya people in Arakan due to authorities’ tortures which eventually cause deaths and it is undoubtedly a technique of silent genocide.

The Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) and the Rakhine extremists assaulted a Rohingya village in Buthidaung Township and its villagers yesterday with a wild accusation of harassing and attempting to rape a Rakhine woman, a reliable source in the village reports.

“A Rakhine woman was fishing in a Rohingya-owned farm-land at ‘Boli Fara’ village of ‘Zaydi Taung’ village tract yesterday. While she was netting the fishing, she was destroying the paddy crops. Therefore, the owner of the land prevented from fishing. Then, then started arguing and quarrelling.
So, she left to her village, Mrong Daung village of San Goe Taung village tract. Soon after, numbers of the Border Guard Police members and Rakhine extremists arrived to the Rohingya village and started attacking its people.
They plundered many Rohingya homes and physically injured many people,” reported a Rohingya from Zay Di Taung village.
During the assault, the Rakhine extremists and the Police told the villagers that they were punishing them because one of their villagers harassed; and attempted to rape and kill the Rakhine woman (in the report). Only, then the villagers came to know why they were being attacked.
The locals are worried because the Rakhine extremists with the supports of the armed forces are repeatedly trying to create riots and attack them on mere accusations.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Maungdaw: Security forces raped an under aged girl on her way to her father’s fishing area in Maungdaw at 4: 30 pm, on 25th September 2016, according to locals.

The victim is identified to be Kajal, 10 D/O Abdul Malek who hails from kwansibong village of northern Maungdaw.
In the incidence Kajal was carrying lunch to her dad’s fishing area along with her two brothers, where a security force forcefully carried her in his motorcycle to an isolated area.
Later after reaching to the isolated area, brutal security force started raping her inhumanely. Due to her screaming nearby villagers came to help her and seeing that security force fled the area.
Moreover when the incident was known to the head quarter in Tangbru, officials pretended to arrest the notorious security force and the victim was handed over to her parents.
Rape on helpless Rohingya women have been a rooted Genocidal tool since the military rule, where under aged girls like kajal are not even spared in the hand of so called democratic government. And if the situation continuous more girls lives are on the way to destruction in the hand of these troops of GENOCIDE.

A total of 11 Rohingya organizations have called on the Arakan (Rakhine) State government not to destroy mosques, Muslim schools, and Rohingya houses that the State claims have been built illegally.

In a joint statement on September 23, the groups said they “strongly condemned the Arakan (Rakhine) State government’s plans to demolish more than 3000 Rohingyas’ buildings, including 12 mosques and 35 madrasas, in the townships of Maungdaw and Buthidaung, under the pretext of illegal construction.”
The announcement of the demolition order on 18 September has caused consternation to the entire Rohingya community.
They claimed the “demolition project is part of their long-drawn-out annihilation and ethnic cleansing policy of the defenceless Rohingya people.”
According to their statement, they said this was “a joint conspiracy of the Arakan State government and Rakhine Buddhist extremist leaders to destabilize the situation in the territory with intentions to frustrate any attempts to bring about peace and stability in Arakan and produce more internally displaced Rohingyas to be housed in apartheid-like concentration camps also in Maungdaw district.”
Concern was expressed that these actions did not match the words of the Myanmar government.
“It is surprising that this sinister design was announced at a time when the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in her first address to the 71st U.N. General Assembly, was defending her government’s effort to resolve the crisis over treatment of the Rohingya minority by pointing out to the establishment of an advisory commission for Arakan State chaired by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at the same time assuring that everybody in Arakan would be safe and secure,” the statement said.

Authorities including Military forces, BGP and village heads are escalating physical torture on the innocent Rohingya people so that they can extort money in abundance in Northern Arakan, some brave locals have said.

Military forces who took temporary shelter at the home of village head of Tharahprang Aungpah under Buthidaung joint with an informer named Shisha, son of Nurul Amin and they physically tortured 8 night guards of Theindaung Prang at around 9 pm without any reason. Finally, they forcibly extorted 10 thousands Kyats from each of the innocent, poor Rohingya victims.
Six months ago in Then Da village tract situated in southern Maungdaw, former chairman collaborating with former members and some villagers went from door to door in seeking vote to elect a new village head name Abul Kasim, son of Hala.  As he was thought as a good natured man before election, villagers stood in favour of him expecting to get a chance of leading a peaceful life. When he has been given power, he appears as a tiger against the villagers with all of his misbehaviors including raping spinsters and extortion of money.
According to the villagers, if any pious personality gives him lecture to avoid misdeeds, the village head files cases against him with authorities concerned and makes his life standstill.
Camp-in-Charge of Border Guard Police (BGP) camp nearby the bridge situated in Gudussora under Maungdaw arrested some guiltless youths form Nurulla and Nolboinna hamlets under Bagguna villge tarct in last night and has been torturing them inhumanely in order to extort a great bundle of money, more than 2 million Kyats from each, a local has reported.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

By Amn Ullah

If two brothers cannot live together they must live apart independently of each other”. Sultan Mahmud Sultan Mahmud was a prominent leader of Burma and Muslims of Arakan. He was born and brought up at Akyab and educated at Calcutta. Mr. Sultan Mahmud was ex-cabinet secretary, an important post in British India legislative Assembly.
He contested in the bye-election for Buthidaung North constituency in 1957 and elected. He was inducted into the Cabinet of U NU as Health Minister. During his tenure of Health Ministry, Akyab General Hospital, Buthidaung Hospital, and numerous health centers in Maungdaw and Buthidaung rural area were established. Shaheb bazzar State Middle School, Minglagyi State Middle School (later Ngakura State Middle School) and many primary schools were establish by approaching Education Ministry. In his initiative some Rohingya students also sent to England on state scholarships.
While U Nu was launching democratic movement against the army rule of Ne Win, some of his ministers went across the border to meet him. Mr. Sultan Mahmud secretly crossed to the East Pakistan.
After winning in the 1960 general election, U Nu appointed an inquiry commission to study the entire problem involved in the question of Arakan. According to the report of that commission 80% of the people of Sandoway opposed the Arakan state. If the state is granted they want to remain in Burma by incorporating Sandoway with the Bassein District. 50% of people from Kyaukpyu District opposed the granting of the state. The Muslims of Northern Arakan did not want Arakan State. They requested to keep them under Burma proper if the state is granted. However, 90% of people of Akyab District want the state. The Commission recommended for the plebiscite to grant the state of Arakan.
Mr. Sultan Mahmud demanded a Muslim state comprising the region from the Kaladan River to Naaf River, pointing out that in 1666, Shaista Kahn had conquered up to Kaladan River. Since then the Kaladan River became a permanent border between the Rakhine and Rohingya majority areas. Muslim state was the platform of the election of ‘Mr. Sultan Mahmud and his colleagues’ in 1960 election. They won the election with the slogan of Muslim state.
In the memorandum submitted to the enquiry commission by the organization of Arakanese Muslims (of Sultan Mahmud), it was explained that they would support the “State” only on two conditions: if the Arakanese Buddhists would support their demands; and if the constitutions of the “State” would include, specifically, religious, cultural, economic, political, administrative, and educational guarantees for Muslims. The Head of State of the new “State” of Arakan would alternate: once a Muslim and once a non-Muslim.
When the Head of State was a Muslim, the Speaker of the State Council would be a non-Muslim, but his deputy, a Muslim; and vice versa. The same arrangement would also be in effect in the appointments, committees and other bodies. No less than one-third of the “State’s” ministers were to be Muslims. No law affecting Muslims would be passed unless and until the majority of the Muslim Members of the Council voted for it. In the matter of appointments to jobs in Muslim areas, the Chief of State would act on the advice of the Muslim Members of his Cabinet. In all appointments to government posts, to public services, to municipal positions and the like, Muslims would enjoy a just proportion in accordance with their percentage in the population. In filling the appointments allotted to Muslims, the Muslim candidates would compete among themselves.
The government would attentatively meet the educational and economic needs of the Muslims. No pupil would be forced to participate in religious classes not of his own religion. Every religious sect would be allowed training in his own religion in all institutions of learning. Every and any religious sect would be permitted to set up its own educational institutions that would be recognized by the government. Muslims would be completely free to develop their own special Rohinga language and culture, and to spread their religion. A special officer for Muslim Affairs would be appointed whose job it would be to investigate complaints and obstructions, and to report on them to the Chief of State. For a period of ten years from the date of the establishment of the “State”, the right would be reserved to every district – and especially to those of northern Arakan – to secede from the “State” and transfer itself to the direct jurisdiction of the central government in Rangoon. Those supporting these demands suggested bearing in mind the examples offered by the viable arrangements existing between the Muslims and Christians in Lebanon, between the Greeks and Turks in Cyprus, and among the Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Pakistanis in Singapore; only such just arrangements between Muslims and Buddhists could vouch for the success of the State of Arakan.
The following is the copy of Memorandum that was submitted on October 20, 1960 By Mr. Sultan Mahmud and his colleagues to the Chairman and Members of Statehood Consultative Committee.


A Rohingya teenage girl have been beaten and tortured inhumanly by police, and extorted money for release on 26th August 2016.
The victim is identified to be Akala, 13, D/O Siddiq who hails Anaprang Village, Rathedaung. Innocent Akala is a teenage girl who sells snacks for daily livelihood.
The current village head Maung Maung S/O Abdul Hakim of Anaprang, who is well known for committing crimes along with authorities was not elected by the villagers. But he bribed authorities with 80, 00000 Kyats and became village head again on January 2016.
Since then he started taking revenge from the villagers who did not vote for him. Following that pretext Akala too became a victim of his injustice act.
In the incidence Akala had a fight with a nearby lady, who is a relative of the current notorious village head. So labeling this as an issue he called police and made her arrested.
After reaching to the police station, police inhumanely tortured her in every possible way by not sparing a single part of her body. Due to intolerable torture her parents had to sell their home and pay 25, 0000 Kyats to police for her release.
Torturing, beating to death and rape on Rohingya women in another genocidal tool used by Burmese regime, in which minor innocent girls like Akala have to pay the price for living in their own ancestral land.

By Aman Ullah

Since the holding of the Constituent Assembly elections till 1962 military takeover 3 general elections were held for both houses of Parliament in 1951, 1956 and 1960 respectively. In 1951 general elections Muslims won 5 seats, four in the Lower House and one in the Upper House. The AFPFL won 3 seats and the rest were captured by Ra-Ta-Nya (Rakhaing National United Organisation). The Muslims had no political party of their own. They stood either as independents or supportive group of AFPFL. In 1956 general elections Muslims retained all their five seats of north Arakan. The Ra-Ta-Nya won only about one third of the total seats; the rest were captured by AFPFL. Muslim MPs elected to the Parliament in 1956 were Mr. Sultan Ahmed, Mr. Abul Khair, Mr. Ezhar Mian, Mr. Abul Basher and Mr. Abdul Ghaffar. Prominent elected members of Ra-Ta-Nya were U Kyaw Min, U Maung Kyaw Zan, U Hla Tun Pru, U San Tun Khine, U Ba Sein, U Aung Kyaw Khine, U Paw Thein etc. A bye-election was held for Buthidaung north constituency in 1957 as the election of Mr. Ezhar Mian was challenged and the verdict was given against him. Mr. Sultan Mahmud, Ex-Parliamentary Secretary, in British India legislative Assembly, was elected and he was inducted into the cabinet of U Nu as Health minister.
The Rakhaing (Buddhist) members of Parliament formed their own Independent Arakanese Parliamentary Group (IAPG). They pressed for granting ‘State’ to Arakan in the parliament but initially they were not serious. The Rees Williams Commission set up in 1947 to examine the necessity of granting ‘States’ to different areas, earlier, kept aside the question of granting statehood to Arakan. Three more Regional Autonomy Commissions-Regional Autonomy Commission headed by minister U Nyo Tun (a Rakhine) formed in March 1948, Sir Ba Oo Commission formed in October 1948 and Kelleys Commission formed in 1950 — examined the question of granting State to Arakan.
The followings are the objection of Mr Abul Bashor MP from No. 2 of ConstituencyButhidaung and Mr. Abul Khair from No.2 Constituency of MaungDaw:-th the right of Self rule; the power of formation of Army should be vested in the national Parliament only and rather than appointing an Arakan affairs minister and council Arakan division council should be formed which would be more effective. After four years of enquiry, in 1952, although Sir Ba Oo Commission could submit its report on Karen and Mon Affairs, the report of Arakanese Affairs could not be submitted for reasons best known to them. The Kelly Commission was formed under the Chairmanship of Arakan Divisional Commissioner, Mr. Kelly, on 26th July, 1950 to enquire about the possibility of granting ‘State’ to Arakan. Extensive inquiries and investigations were made. But the report of the Kelley Commission was not officially announced. So the question of granting ‘State’ to Arakan lingered on without arriving to a decision. Throughout their Parliamentary tenure the Ra-Ta-Nya members acted in an unfriendly manner against the Rohingyas.
They branded Rohingyas as ‘Kalas’ or Chittagonians and did not recognise Rohingyas as their equals. They always tried to distort the image of the Rohingyas and even accused Muslim MPs of masterminding illegal entry of large number of Chittagonians into Arakan with the tacit approval of AFPFL to win elections. They were allergic to citizenship question of Rohingyas. They incited Buddhist monks of Arakan to stage hunger strike against Mujahid insurrection and to use force against the Muslim Arakanese MPs on the question of making Buddhism State religion of Burma. The hostile attitude of the Ra-Ta-Nya members towards Rohingyas caused Muslim MPs to remain aloof from them and co-operate, rather, with Burman politicians When AFPFL was divided into two factions in 1958 the prospects of achieving Arakan State became very bright. Prime Minister U Nu declared that if he wins in 1960 elections, he would grant Arakan ‘State. Both the factions of AFPFL wooed the IAPC to their respective sides. But the Ra-Ta-Nya decided to support U Nu faction after getting his commitment.
The question of granting ‘State’ to Arakan was taken seriously by most of the Muslims as they feared that the Maghs would create a 1942-like situation if they come to power in Arakan. In response, the Muslims of north Arakan demanded ‘autonomy’ of their region to be directly controlled by the Central government in Rangoon without the involvement of any Magh officials or their influence whatsoever. Their minimal demand was the creation of a separate district governed by the Centre. Muslim MPs raised this demand also during the debates in Parliament and in the press. Many Rohingya Sociology-cultural organisations initiated frantic activities with reference to the Muslim status in Arakan.
Muslim members of Parliament likewise petitioned the government and the enquiry commission not to include their region in the planned Arakan ‘State’. They have no objection to the creation of such a state, but only without the districts of Buthidaung, Maungdaw and part of Rathedaung where the Muslims are in majority ……… These districts must be formed into a separate unit in order to ensure the existence of the Rohingya. Forcing the creation of a single State upon all of Arakan would be likely to lead to the renewed spilling of blood.
The followings are the objection of Mr Abul Bashor MP from No. 2 of Constituency Buthidaung and Mr. Abul Khair from No.2 Constituency of MaungDaw:-

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Maungdaw- A Police officer collaborated with two village heads and a land-surveyor destroyed the new houses of three poor Rohingya built after collapse their former houses due to river erosion as they failed extorting money secondly in northern Maungdaw, Arakan, said a villager.

Due to river erosion in the rainy season, many houses alongside the Proma Chaung river bank collapsed where most families were able to build houses in the same compounds moving a little bit back as the compounds were spacious.  But three poor Rohingya were unable and so the authorities gave them permission to build new houses in nearer hill-side after a sum of money extortion. The three poor Rohingya are:
  • Aenayot Ullah, son of Zafour Alam, was extored 205 thousands and 150 thousands kyats by village head U Ansu Maung and land surveyor U Sen Hla Maung of Senkapanrang respectively, 50 thousands Kyats by police officer U Ba Tun from Kring Chaung Camp and 125 thousands Kyats by Kring Chaung village head U Aung Kyaw Thien.
  • Mouson Ali, son of Abul Huson, was extored 260 thousands and 280 thousands kyats by village head and land surveyor of Senkapanrang respectively, 50 thousands Kyats by police officer and 225 thousands Kyats by Kring Chaung village head.
  • Mason, son of Amir Huson, was extorted 50 thousands and 15 thousands kyats by village head and land surveyor of Senkapanrang respectively, 25 thousands Kyats by police officer and 50 thousands Kyats by Kring Chaung village head.
After about a month, the authorities demanded money again from them but the poor Rohingya people could not give as they became penniless totally. But the rude authorities did not stop there.
They brought the permission from the township administrator to destroy the houses reporting falsely that some Rohingya villagers built houses on farmlands. On 23 August, the three houses were destroyed due to the strong instruction of the Senkapanrang village head U Ansu Maung.
At present the poor and helpless Rohingya families have become homeless and are passing nights and days under the open sky without sleeping properly and having hygienic foods for the cruelty of the authorities concerned.

Military police as well as traffic police have jointly started a campaign of extorting money from the innocent Rohingya who carry people by vehicles for shopping and treatment in Swittwe, Arakan, the locals have said.

Traffic police have been torturing the Rohingya vehicle owners by extorting money unlawfully on different accusations for about two years. Mostly Rohingya people use buses, motorcycles and trishaws necessarily to go for shopping and treatment in Thakke Prang village tract where people cannot go on foot for distance.
From 20, August 2016, military police and traffic police have been accelerating the extortion of money form Rohingya, who go to Thakke Prang from different places by vehicles, on accuse of baseless and unacceptable issues which make the people boring leading to hardship for survival.
The authorities extort 30 thousands to 50 thousands Kyats per one vehicle. If anyone refuses to give money, they threaten them of seizing vehicles forever.
The poor and innocent Rohingya people are seeking the shelter under law but the NLD Government does not pay a heed to them as the sufferers are needed to be vanished soon from Arakan, they have added.

Maungdaw- An innocent Rohingya toddler of 18 months old died in the hospital on 30, August as the nurse on duty denied to do treatment because of being different race, religion and culture in Maungdaw, Arakan, our correspondent reported.

The toddler was the daughter of Ismail, 30 years old, who hails from Ward No. 5 of Maungdaw Town. Due to severe fever, he hospitalized his dear daughter at Public Hospital of Maungdaw District at around 1 pm on 29, August but no doctors or nurses came to check the patient after admission.
At mid-night, the toddler seemed very serious and the guardian rushed to the nurse on duty to call. But the nurse ill-treated him and said, “This is not related to me. What will you get from me crying here? You yourself take care of your patient.”
Hearing all these bitter words, he came back with tears in eyes and had been sitting by his daughter helplessly for the whole night. The next day morning at 7 am, his patient passed away in the hospital.
Rohingya people come there from south and north of Maungdaw hoping to have treatment at hospital but they are brutally insulted by the doctors and nurses and finally, they are compelled to fight with premature death for not getting treatment.
According to the locals, this hospital is worse than a custody where police arbitrarily torture the Rohingya people.
The Buddhists from all classes and the authorities have made Arakan a hell for Rohingya people who see burning fire from all sides and find no way to escape. And depriving a community of medical facilities is a soft way of genocide.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Arakan: Religious institutions have been targeted by government authorities either to demolish or to seal by using the puppets they have raised in every villages.

Recently some areas of a Religious school in kuansibong village of Northern Maungdaw have been demolished by government authorities. Due to puppet’s misinformation of illegal occupation in the Madarasa compound authorities ordered to demolish constructed parts in those areas and forcefully took signatures from Madarasa’s committee.
In another similar case in Fetabo village of Buthidaung, renovation processes of a mosque have been ceased and another Madarasa have been sealed by the authority.
Moreover in that case authorities extorted over 100 lakh kyats and in order to threaten the local innocent villagers, authorities from different departments comes to the village time to time illegally.
Demolishing religious structures and money extortion are common Genocidal tool in Arakan which are accelerating day by day due to puppet’s misinformation and fabricated cases, whom are given resistant by the government itself.

Buthidaung- Village head U Kyaw Tun Tha has been extorting money from the innocent, poor Rohingya people in abundance alleging on different baseless excuses in U Thei Ma, Southern Buthidaung, Arakan, according to the dwellers.

The village head inhumanely extorted 45 thousands Kyats form Mohammad Kasim, 50, son of Fouzol Ahmad, an inhabitant of Praing Taung village on 13 July, alleging him that he grazed his cattle on the head’s pasture.
On 7 August, he extorted 150 thousands Kyats from an innocent Rohingya named Maulovi Mozaffor, 50, accusing him that he caught fish by net form the fish breeding pond of the lair head.
Boshir, 40, son of Shikandor living in Du U Thei Ma was extorted 60 thousands Kyats on allegation of ploughing head’s land while he was tilling in his own one nearby the head’s  on 5 August.
Moreover, the oppressor extorted 100 thousands Kyats from Amirahman, 30, son of Sowyedu Rahman on 20 July, accusing him that his cattle came on the bridge of the village.
Although the township administrator is informed of it, he does not take any step to stop the village head form the sinful activities as the sufferers are ethnic Rohingyas whom they want to finish trickily from the Arakan State.

Akyab: An innocent Rohingya drowned and died in a nearby lake in Thay Chaung (Guwalia Del) Akyab, on his way home from Beda on 20 August, 2016.

The victim is identified to be Hashim, 43 who was a fish seller striving livelihood for his wife and children, including a disabled child by living in a concentration camp.
On 20 August, while Hashim was was coming back to his home  buying fish from Beda by a small boat, he accidentally  felt down in the breeding lake and disappeared.   After a day, his corpse was found near sandy shore at 11:30 pm.
Due to this tragedy, Hashim’s  family is unable to survive as  he was the only wage earner of the family and none of his children is old enough to earn.
This is not the first tragedy in this lake, even at the beginning of August, 4 Rohingya people died due to drowning boats there. People are compelled to  move by this way as it’s the only easy way left for the Rohingyas to travel  from Thay Chaung  to Beda in search of livelihood.
Restriction of movement is another genocidal tool which is strongly imposed on Rohingyas. Moreover authorities are labeling these types of murders as accidental deaths, where no one can be accounted even in the shield of  so called democratic government.

Sittwe (Akyab) – A Rohingya working in Light Infantry Battalion (LIB)-20 has been arbitrarily thrashed by two military to snatch money he brought to buy a goat from the battalion in La Ma Chay, Sittwe, Arakan, according to a relative of the victim.

The victim Mohammad Amin, 25 years old, had been doing odd jobs in LIB-20 and became familiar with the soldiers including the battalion commander. One day, the commander said to him, “We have some goats to sell. If anyone wants, bring him/her here.” But he did not know that the commander had an ulterior motive.
A relative of Amin wanted a goat whom he took to the battalion with other two Rohingyas at 5 pm on 18, August. When they reached at the gate of the battalion, Amin told them to wait there and he went in to talk to the commander. He cunningly told him, “We keep the goats in a fishery, away from here and so, you have to go with the soldiers there.” Believing the commander, he came out and met with other three at the gate to tell them go back home as he was going to the fishery to bring a goat.
Amin along with two soldiers were going there by a motorbike via Sittwe-Yangon High way. After crossing the bridge nearby Na Yi Kan Mough village at around 8 pm, the soldiers stopped the bike suddenly and one of them went in a bush pretending to pee. The other told Amin to give the money he brought to buy goat. As soon as he handed the money, the soldier started blowing fist and kicking to him restlessly saying nothing. Fortunately, he was able to run away and had been hiding in nearby paddy fields for the whole night. At the meantime, his family and relatives were concerning for him as he did not return to home.
From there for about two days,he walked through the bush, not to be seen by the Moughs, in search of a Rohingya village. Finally he reached in Piyali Chaung, a Rohingya village that seemed to him a heaven where he got a chance to revive.
These kinds of crimes against Arakanese Rohingya people are increasing day by day as the government is the instigator of the criminals including local Moughs and authorities.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Rohingyas living in concentration camp of ShiShapara Camp, Akkyab (Sittwe) have not been getting any charitable aids from anyone for a long time and so, their health and living places have become very miserable and devastating, one of them reported.

There are more than ten thousands Rohingyas but none of them is literate enough to present their distress to the donors for which they have not been getting any humanitarian aids for a long time. And the condition of their living tents has become very miserable for not repairing since long.
Form the last Ramadan, people have been suffering from many hazards such as starvation, passing sleepless night for rainfall and entering cold wind into homes for having no walls. For all these unhygienic and harmful situations, poor people have been fighting with fatal diseases and premature death.
The newly elected NLD government of Myanmar has not taken any step yet to help them in the hazardous condition as the sufferers are ethnic Rohingyas. That is why, the needy people are begging charitable helps form the philanthropists of all over the world.

Border Guard police (BGP) brutally extorted 97500 Kyats ($ 850) from a medically skillful Rohingya who came to assist a pregnant Rohingya woman for emergency relief from ail in Kayin Dan, Padin village tract, Maungdaw, according to a villager.

For poverty, harassment of doctors and difficult transportation, a family member of the poor pregnant woman called in Nozir, a medically skillful body, in order to prescribe some remedies for the patient on 4, August. After a while visiting the patient, he went out to his home.
At the mid-way, 7 policemen from Makyi Chaung camp arrested him alleging as a quack and harassed him physically and mentally. Then they demanded 97,5000 Kyats for his release. To safeguard Nozir’s life, his family as well as relatives somehow managed the money by taking loans and fulfilled their illegal demands.
It is clear that NLD government like military regime instigates the authorities to extort money continuously from the innocent poor Rohingyas in order to make them flee their ancestral land, the villager added.

Mrauk U – Rohingyas in Mrauk U are restricted to move within their own town since 2012, where bribes are being taken by Long Thein for travel passes from one village to another.

Restriction of movement made Rohingyas life unbearable, where Long Thein (Government Forces) are further worsening by taking 200 Kyat for each passes in Paung Dong Village.
Recently since 25th July Long Thein ceased movement even with travel passes, due to which Rohingyas in that area became jobless and are in stage of starving.
Moreover by seeing the vulnerable situation of Rohingyas in that area, corrupted village head along with the collaboration of authority extorted 2000 Kyats/person with fake promises of providing jobs, where up till now no promised have been fulfilled.
Similar restrictions of movement have been reported from many other villages at present and past, where Government authorities are giving immune to corrupted officials and are participating in every genocidal tool for the ongoing Rohingya Genocide.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Buthidaung: Today government officials along with village head Salamatullah have confiscated the farmlands of an innocent Rohingya, by destroying the paddies grown by the owner, according to an eye witness.

In the incidence the brutal village head usually extorts 3 lakh Kyats, from the villagers in every land buying and selling issues. So, when he was known of the new land owner he demanded the usual amount. Due to her poor condition she refused to pay.
The victim is identified to be Rahim Hatu D/O Kabir Ahmed, who is the legal owner of the land. And its the only income source of Rahima, says a local on the condition of anonymity.
Although there’s no hope for justice from the authorities, she decided to file a case against the village head Salamatullah due to intolerable situation.
Illegal occupation of lands and money extortion on daily basis became a schedule in the lives of Arakanese Rohingys, where persecution and injustice are operated along with collaboration of government officials since the military rule.

More than 20 inhabitant Rohingyas were accused of illegal border cross in Buthidaung by village head and Border Guard Police (BGP) and extorted more than 2 million Kyats ($-1700), where some were sent to court for future persecution, according to an eye witness.

The village head Salamat Ullah brought 15 policemen from the camp of Sector-9, Taung Bazar and arbitrarily arrested some villagers on false accuse of re-entering into the country form abroad at Friday midnight, on 22 July. Then they were detained in the office of village head temporarily to demand money on release.
Some of the arrested Rohingyas were released on extortion of 200 thousands Kyats each. But there were a few poor, who could not fulfilled their demand, taken to the lock-up of BGP and eventually, were sent to the court of Buthidaung filing a case of illegal border cross. Of them, Subahaan, aged 70, is the only bread earner of the whole family working as a day labourer. Since his arrest, his family left no choice except begging.
BGP instigate the village head to create such cases against innocent Rohingya people so that they can extort money that continues on poor Rohingyas, he added.

Rathedaung: Since 2012, Authorities have confiscated 100’s acre of Rohingya farmlands in Anaprang and all farmlands of Muzai, Rathedaung, where they made intolerable starving situation by ceasing food ration given by MHD (NGO) on 23rd July 2016.

In the incidence, MHD informed villagers of Anaprang and Muzai village about ceasing rations under Government’s pressure, which was the only hope for these two villages.
In the food ration process, each individual were given 13.5 kg of rice,1 liter of oil, 1 kg of seed, and a pack of salt/family, where military use to snatch ¾ kg of rice/person.
“Ration distributed by the NGOs were not even enough to survive, where authorities are further worsening the starving situation by ceasing the whole ration process”, explains a villager on the condition of anonymity.
From 2012 these villagers were living under starving situation, where little ration by NGO’s was the only hope. Now they have been informed of ceasing ration, commencing from August, 2016.
Moreover they were asked to list down the vulnerable villagers, where whole village rely on ration. In the conversation villagers explained their starving situation and urged to provide ration for the whole village, where all are in starving situation, due to restriction of movement and land confiscation.
In spite of living in their ancestral land, these two villages are like open prisons, as they are surrounded by 24 Maugh villages, where Arakanese Rohingyas are persecuted in every possible way by Magh villagers, Military, BGP and other governmental authorities.
Starving to death is another genocidal tool, which is widely implemented by the government authorities along with Maughs for the ongoing Rohingya Genocide.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Arakan: Today Authorities have raided 3-4 shops in Hansifara village of Kyauktaw Township, where they ceased patrols sold for motor cycles and filed cases on innocent shopkeepers on clueless bases

Up till now no justified statement was released about the false cases, thus increasing fear of innocent Rohingya villagers.
It was heard that later authorities have called village head of Pong Na Kyone and ordered to list down the motor cycle users, which indicates serious plotting against the Rohingya villagers.
On another incident in Mrauk U, authorities have detained an innocent Rohingya. They accused him of mixing poison in water, which is fictional according to the locals.
Raids, false cases and detaining are rooted tools used by the previous governments as well against the Arakanese Rohingya in the ongoing GENOCIDE.

Buthidaung: Na Ta La village head U Maung Kyi extorted money from Arakanese Rohingya land owners by threatening them to seize their cultivable lands nearby Na Ta La villagers’ lands in Paroon Chaung Village Tract, Buthiduand Township, Arakan, a local said.

On 17 July, The Na Ta La village head of Payar Pyin Aung Pa Village Tract with his members namely (1) U Maung Nyon Wey, son of U Shwe Hla,(2) U Aung Win Wey, son of U Shwe Tha Nu, (3) Noor Alam, son of Sultan and (4) Mohammod Alam, son of Sultan came to Du Dan village, Paroon Chaung Village Tract and threated the Rohingya land owners whose lands are adjacent to the lands of Na Ta La villagers saying that their lands are included in form (4), which means the document of making owners of seized lands from Rohingyas by military government,  and so village head has the right to seize the lands.
The village head forced the landlord to pay a huge sum to settle the issue otherwise he would seize the land using his military connection. Na Ta La village is an illegal settlement placed by the Burmese Military and government on Rohingya lands with illegal Bengali Buddhist from Bangladesh.
Following are the victims of money extortion
1) Bodu, aged 45, son of Lal Miya was extorted money 200 thousands kyats,
2) Hason, aged 52, son of Hamidur Rahman was extorted money 104 thousands Kyats,
3) Maulana Adu Rakim, aged 59, son of 104 thousands and
4) Kalu, aged 65, son of Abu Bokor was extorted money 300 thousands.
Some of the village heads are given immunity by Local authorities and militaries to extort money from poor people and divide among themselves.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Maungdaw: Village administrator in Gojondiya village of southern Maungdaw extorted money from innocent Rohingya farmers with the promise of building barriers for their farmlands, which are under salty water now

In the incident, since last 2 months up to 300 acre of farmlands of the villagers were under salty water, which prevented them from farming even in this rainy season, thus stopping their livelihoods.
When the situation was known to the village administrator Ibrahim S/O Jafar Ahmed (35), he promised to build barriers for every farm lands and extorted 20,000 Kyats from each house from the whole village, which is a home to 300 houses.
It’s been 2 months now no barriers have been built and villagers are in continuous limbo without farming. Poor farmers are in starving and tensed situation due to their cease of farming.
Money Extortion from helpless Rohingyas became a part of their daily persecution schedule, where authorities are held freely with their uniforms for persecution.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

KYAUKTAW: Mough villagers attacked a Rohingya fisherman while passing by Mough village on his way to fishing on 11th July,2016, according to an eyewitness.

The victim is identified to be Najim Uddin S/O Abdur Rahim who hails from khazifara village of Kyauktaw Township.
In the incident the innocent fisherman was passing by the Mough village as the way to his fishing was blocked due to the rise of water level of the stream. Therefore, he had to use the road beside Mough Village.
When Mough villagers saw him passing by they used stones to attack, injuring him severely on his hands, legs, and chest.
Earlier in January, 2016 two Rohingya fisherman were also shot dead by BGP.
Attacks and Killing by Government authorities have been a common issue in the daily lives of Arkanese Rohingya, which are made unbearable with the collaboration of Moughs as well.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

No education for Rohingya children in Maungdaw

There are schools, teachers and students in Maungdaw, but no education system there, no teaching by teachers to Rohingya children in schools in rural areas since 2012 – occurred conflict between Rohingyas and Rakhine community, said Hamidul Rahaman, father of four students from Maungdaw. Mostly in the education department, the teachers are Rakhine community and didn’t go to schools for fearing of their security and getting their salary on time. Noone object for these. If the Rakhine teachers come to school in the morning, leaving in the noon, without teaching, only gossiping, making sweater, said Hamidul Rahaman. “The Rohingya community was not allow to join for job of teacher.” 

For instance, there are nearly 400-Rohingya children and appointed 9- teacher in the primary school of Khonzabill village, but all the teachers are Raknines and they do not teach the Rohingya children in appropriate way, according to Mohin, a well-wisher of Rohingya from Maungdaw.

Since 2012, after clashes between Rakhine and Rohingya, Rakhine teachers do not go to school in Rohingya village as they give reason that there is no security for them. But the authority concerned did not take any action to the teachers and they get their salary in time.

Everywhere, there are police, earlier Nasaka (present- BGP), army, Hloon Tin camps for security. Why did they say, there is no security for them? said Rakib, a businessman from the locality.

Nur Fiasel, a local village elder said, the Rakhine teachers attend at the school at 9:00 am and gossiping each other in the school and 2:00 pm, they leave school without giving any activites to the students.

In similar way, in other parts of Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships, Rakhine teachers (males and females) do not go to schools in rural areas, especially in Rohingya villages and Rohingya students are deprived of education, he more added.

As a result, Rohingya villagers have to appoint two or three local teachers ( Rohingya who pass class ten) to the school (each one) to teach their children and all the expenses have been borne by the villagers.

Nearby towns, in schools of mixed students (Rakhine and Rohingya), Rekhine teachers regularly go to school and teach lessons to the students, a youth Petan Ali from Buthidaung said.

However, Rohingya villagers of Khonzabill village of Maungdaw Township appointed two local Rohingya teachers in their school to give lessons to their children, after holding a meeting on June 24.  They will collect money from the villagers, villagers said.

The education system, under the present NLD government is the same like ex-government. In short --- “the new bottle with old wine,” said an elder.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Muslim prayer hall in Lone Khin village of Hpakant Township, Kachin State was burned down by a mob on Friday afternoon.

Nearly 30 Muslim families in the village have fled since the outbreak of the riot.
According to residents of the village, the Muslim community had received an ultimatum from local Buddhist nationalists to demolish by Thursday what they claimed was an illegal extension to the Muslim prayer hall.
However, residents have claimed that the disputed structure was in fact an abandoned storeroom that had been used by the Ministry of Construction while building a bridge connecting the village some months ago.
After local Muslims dismantled the structure, the Buddhist nationalists then demanded that they demolish the actual prayer hall, claiming it had been constructed illegally.
“The Muslim community refused to demolish their prayer hall. Their religious leader said they would only do so if the government declared it illegal,” one of the local residents told the Irrawaddy. “That’s why the mob came to burn it.”
“When three fire engines came to put out the fire, they were obstructed by the mob,” he said.
He added that the mob was mostly made up of outsiders, numbering several hundred.
The police and army have now blocked the bridge on the road to Lone Khin village from Hpakant town.
A duty officer at the Mohnyin District police station confirmed the incident but refused to give detailed information because “the case is now under investigation.”
“We have no idea who was behind the incident. At the moment, state and district-level security forces are on the scene,” the officer said.
The incident comes after anti-Muslim rioting far away from Hpakant in Pegu Division’s Thuye Thamain village in Waw Township on June 23, which resulted in the destruction of a mosque, a Muslim cemetery, and a house and storeroom belonging to a Muslim family. Authorities chose not to take action against any of the perpetrators there.

Buthidaung: A Mough stuff of a relief program along with village administrator extorted money from Rohingyas, which were asked to distribute freely by MHDO and WFP in the holy month Ramandan.

A Relief program under the name of Islamic Reflex Myanmar was carried out by MHDO and WFP in Buthidaung, where every Rohingya family were given 25 kg of rice, 2 liters of oil, 5 kg of beans and 3 kg of sugar.
In distributing the Relief a Mough stuff of MHDO with the help of village administrator started extorting 2-3 thousand kyats from every family.
Names and amount extorted from each village are:
Ali Chaung : 3000 kyats per family from 6000 houses
Daddru Chaung and Sarakkuni : 2000 Kyats per family
Soufarang : 3000 kyats per family
Money Extortion on false cases and on illegal pretext have been a part of joint operation carried out by Mough extremists and Government Authorities since the military rule, where no sigh of justice and changes are expected even in the rule of new government.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Kuala Lumpur – A Rakhine (Magh) staff working as an Interpreter at an ACTS (A Call-To-Serve) Free Medical Clinic at Batu Arang in Rawang city of Selangor state has been racially discriminating against Rohingya Refugee patients and misinterpreting their statements.

The interpreter going by the name ‘Ms. Loreal’ is a Rakhine woman pretending as a Chin Ethnic Refugee and has been working at the clinic for three years. They are said to be a member of a Rakhine group with four to five members targeting Rohingya refugees visiting to the Clinic and sometimes on the referrals of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

“There are some Rohingya refugees referred to the clinic by the UNHCR. There are some that visit the clinic on their own. However, the interpreting Rakhine woman misinterprets the patients say which renders them without having proper medical services. But she does help her own Rakhine people to have maximum medical services at the clinic.

Sometimes, there are some International Visitors that visit the clinic to observe the situations. But the Rakhine woman always misinterprets and distorts what the patients.

When they ask the Rohingya patients questions like ‘what your ethnic identity is, where you are from or why you came here,’ they answer like ‘Rohingya, from Arakan state of Myanmar or because of the violence’ respectively. However, the woman always misinterprets their answers into English something like ‘Bengali, from Bangladesh or illegally entered Myanmar and lived there or left the country because of economic reasons etc.’

This is nothing but politicizing and racializing the free humanitarian services provided the medical clinic. This is nothing but working against the ethical standards of the clinic where she and her COs has been working for so long,” says a victim who recently visited the clinic in Batu Arang, Rawang, Selangor.

However, the visiting Rohingya refugee patients have very good words to say for the doctors in the clinic and the Director of the ACTS, Rosemary Chong.

“The doctors in the clinic treat us very well. And Ma’am Rosemary is also very kind. Sometimes, she gives advices her stuffs not to treat the Rohingya refugees badly saying that because of the Rohingya refugees, the locals treat other refugees very well.

So, we have nothing bad to say against the free medical services but against those staffs with bad working behaviors and ethical standards. We want our voices heard by the world through this media platform,” he continued.

The clinic in the report is called ‘ACTS PERCH 1’ located nearby a Police Station at: D1530, Jalan Simpah Utara, Batu Arang, 48100 Rawang, State of Selangor DE.

Similar misconducts against the visiting refugee patients or their caretakers by the Receptionists/Interpreting Staffs of ACTS’ Brickfields KL Branch have also been reported.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Myanmar (Burmese) Border Guard Police locally known as BGP raped two Rohingya women in northern Maungdaw at 8:30 PM last Friday.

It has been learnt that a gang of four BGP including a Corporal– from the camp at ‘Zaydi Pyin hamlet of Londoong village tract’ – raided at ‘Pan Myaung hamlet of Ngasa Kyu village tract on February 5 evening. Meanwhile, they, in two separate groups, raided two homes belong to two Rohingyas, Sayed Alam Abul Kalam and Sayed Ahmed, respectively, where they (BGP) gang-raped the women.

“Sayed Alam has been married with a woman, Shamshidah (daughter of) Gura Meah, 25, for two years. However, they haven’t had any children yet. So, they are the only two members in their family.

As the BGP entered their home, they, without a proof, alleged Sayed Alam of using Bangala Phone and asked him to give to them. He said he neither possesses a Bangala Phone nor knows how to use a mobile phone. Soon after, the BGP handcuffed and tied his hands and legs with ropes.

And the BGP began to beat his wife and gang-raped her again and again,” said a local villager on the condition of anonymity.

“Similarly, another gang of BGP entered Sayed Ahmed’s home. As soon as they entered his home, they alleged Sayed Ahmed with a similar allegation of using Bangala. When Sayed Ahmed refused the allegations, they handcuffed and tied every family member with ropes and dragged them out of their homes.

And the BGP raped his 28-year-old widow, Daw Aminah Khatun, several times. When she started shouting out for help, her villagers came to rescue and the BGP left the place having untied and released the family members.

However, the villagers didn’t chase the BGP staffs and do anything lest there should be unrests. Instead, they went to the village administrations and lodged complaints,” he continued.

The village administrator of ‘Ngasa Kyu’, U Salim, went to Major Kyaw Tay Zar, the Commander of BGP Area (5) in ‘Ngakura’ village along with the raped-victims and the eyewitnesses to lodge reports. The BGP Commander investigated the victims till night.

“The commander Major Kyaw Tay Zar is a newly-posed officer in the region. He, in the Commandment Area 3 where he was earlier posted, was known as a fair and just official and also known for keeping his sub-ordinates and pile-troops disciplined.

Therefore, this time as well, the locals expect him to give the justice to the raped victims,” said a villager.

However, the rape victims are in serious health conditions due to the gang-rapes and injuries received meanwhile.

The BGP at the ‘Zaydi Pyin’ Post has been notorious for oppressing local Rohingya passers-by and bodily harassing women.

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