Thursday, 25 December 2014

By Abul Faiz

Myanmar/Burma is waging the longest civil war in the world. They love armed culture. Almost all the ethnic groups have armed groups to fight against the Bama Lumyo or Burmese government. They are demanding federal union of Burma. Rohingya people seek a permanent solution through peaceful means. In fact, Rohingya are only one of the few ethnic groups that do not have armed group. A growing sense of desperation is fueling a mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from Arakan, 150'000 fled by boat since the Buddhist started massacre of Rohingyas two years ago. In last two years Buddhist mobs have left thousands dead and 140,000 trapped in camps, where they live without access to health care,education or jobs. They are can not to go back to their own homes. Many mosques are still kept close. No one can pray there. Their citizenship is not yet return back. Many are arrested alleging nonsenses to take ransom or kill them. Persecutors are rewarded by the Burmese Buddhist Government.

By Abul Faiz

In 1044 AD King Anurata fought and captured Mon King Manuha. In 1784 Burmese king Bo Daw invaded Arakan and the Arakan kingdom vanished
from the earth. Many Maghs and Rohingyas were taken by Bo Daw as prisoners of war. Some Rohingyas were met by Francis Buchanan. Now the Magh Arakanese become the ball lifters of the Burmese regime. They are busy to drive out Rohingyas. In 1662 the Magh Raja Sanda Thudama tried to kill all Muslims of Arakan. The result was the rise of Kaman, the kings makers of Arakan. The out come of the present genocide of the Muslims would be the king maker of Arakan or that of Kosovo. The Burmese regime is waging war with Kachin. Karan and Shan are also at war with the regime. The regime should turn from armed rule to rule of law
and must stop genocide against Muslims and also stop to hate the Muslims.

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