Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Arakan News Updates: A New Method for Expulsion of Rohingyas in Process

12th November 2012,Pauktaw, Arakan- Yesterday (i.e. on 11th November 2012), Six Educated Rohingyas from the refugee camp of Thantet Maw (Sandama), Pauktaw Township, were arrested by Police. These internally displaced people were the victims of the recent violence in Kyauk-Phyu Township who sought refuge in Pauktaw. The details of the arrestees are given below.

No. Name Father’s Name Age Address in Kyauk Phyu

1 U Kyaw Oo U Kyaw Daing 40 Paik Seik

2 U Tauyub U Farooque 40 Paik Seik

3 U Hla Phyu Chay U Nazumuddin 28 Paik Seik

4 U Maung Maung Chay U Nazumuddin 30 Paik Seik

5 U Jalal U Nazumuddin 35 Paik Seik

6 U Ba Phu U Nazumuddin 37 Paik Seik

Though Police did not give any reason why they have arrested these people, according to other Rohingyas, they were arrested because they refused to sign on the paper terming themselves (Rohingyas) as Bengalis. Besides, the similar process is being carried out against Rohingyas in the village of Anauk Rai, Pauktaw Tsp as well. Authority is forcing Rohingyas to sign on the papers on which it is written that they (Rohingyas) are not Rohingyas but Bengalis. Those who refuse are being inhumanely tortured and detained.

Recently, Burmese government has formed a commission consist of Military, NaSaKa (Border Security Affairs), Immigration and Rakhine extremists in response to the call of the UN High Commissioner for the Human Rights, Ms. Navi Pillay, to give Citizenship to Rohingyas. But what actually Burmese government doing is the re-implementation of a black law established by the late dictator Gen. Ne Win. This 1982 Citizenship Law of Burma was coined and specifically designed to expulse Rohingyas out of Myanmar. The law clearly violates Article 15, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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