Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kyauk Taw Breaking News

November 16, 2012: : Rakhine mobs are trying to set violence again against Rohingyas in Paikthay village, Kyauk Taw Township of Northern Rakhine State.

According to an eyewitness, today at 8:30 pm a huge Rakhine mob of 3000 persons, with full weapons approached the Paikthay Rohingya village in Kyauktaw Township to set fire all houses and uproot all Rohingyas from the village.

There were military forces standby near this village, and they warned both sides of Rakhine and Rohingya that soldiers would open fire if any of person move forward.

But, the Rakhine Terrorists are shouting their slogan with megaphones that tonight they will fight for their freedom even the military shoot at them and they will destroy this (Paik Thay) Rohingya Kalar village.

This is very suspicious about government, as the Rakhine mobs dared to behave like that at the time Myanmar Televistion is broadcasting about Myanmar President U Thein Sein's meeting with Buddihist Monks and so-called Islamic Religious leaders in Naypyitaw to discuss Rakhine Conflict. Most of the local people believe that this is a show for US President Barack Obama, who is going to visit Myanmar on 19 November 2012. The situation of Paik Thay village is still critical that the Rakhine mobs didn't step back even the military intervention is there.

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