Monday, 12 November 2012

Numbers of Rakhine Terrorists Arrested in Maung Daw | M.S. Anwar

Sunday, 11th November 2012 Maung Daw, Arakan- Around 18 fully-armed Rakhine Terrorists plotting to create more terror in the state were arrested by the government of Myanmar. They were arrested with the help Mru people at Aantala Battala (Bandula in Burmese) in northern Maung Daw on 8th November 2012. In the earlier days, they killed one member of G.E Force of Myanmar and kidnapped three of them. It subsequently led to a minor war between Rakhine terrorists and Myanmar military.

“Rakhine Terrorists using fake beard and moustaches in Muslim dress broke into the road construction site of G.E force of Myanmar. They killed a mechanic called Kyaw Kyaw Wai and kidnapped other three. Killing and kidnapping by pretending themselves as though Muslims was an attempt by these terrorists to create more violence against Rohingyas in Arakan state. Expectedly, Rakhine extremists who have the links with these terrorists bucked up the blames on Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) with the help of the biased media such as Burmese Section of Radio Free Asia (RFA). RSO was disbanded many years ago” said Rahim from Maung Daw.

Besides, yesterday (i.e. on 10th November 2012), a Rakhine named Hla Kyaw, a resident of Maung Daw, was arrested together with three grenades by the authority at the Three-Mile Checkpoint of the township. He was a son of U Mai Aung, a business man cum terrorist.

“U Mai Aung known as Foto Maghya and his family are suspected by the government to have the links with those terrorists. So, while his son, Hla Kyaw, was trying to disperse and hide their destructive weapons to their farm-house used as the hide-out at the Five-Mile in Maung Daw, he was arrested by the authority at the three-mile checkpoint. Now, he together with other 18 terrorists have been locked up in the NaSaKa headquarter in Maung Daw” reported by a Rohingya from Maung Daw on the condition of anonymity.

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