Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Dire Situation of Rohingyas and Kamans Continues

Photo - Partners Relief

November 30, Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan: There are refugee camps for Rakhines Buddhists and Muslim Rohingyas and Kamans in Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan. In fact, the condition in the refugee camps of Rohingyas and Kamans is worse and more awful than the condition that should be in the refugee camps. Although there are two Doctors and two Nurses from mili...
tary hospital for every 150 people in the Rakhine refugee camps, there is no doctor in Rohingya and Kaman refugee camps and on top of that, Rakhine extremists hassle the doctors from MSF who come to cure Rohingyas and Kamans in their camps. In spite of all these hassles, a medical team from Turkey and another from Australia visited Rohingya and Kaman refugee camps in Sittwe last week with a view to saving human lives.

An Australian doctor from Partners Relief Team says “it is my fifth day in Rakhine State. We wake up at 5:15 AM. We have to rush to get through the check-point by 7AM so that we don’t have to confront with the Sittwe University Students (Note: all of the Sittwe University students today are only Rakhines). At the time when these students pass through the check-point, no one else is allowed to do so.

Every day we check up patients until 5PM and many of them are critically ill. They have no Medicines, Paracetamol, Antibiotics or else. They don’t have clean water to drink. There are only 11 toilets being used by 3000 people. Too many people have got crammed in the too narrow and small places. And we come back our residences at 7 AM and go to sleep at 9 PM.”

He continues “the cases of the Rohingya children in the refugee camps are similar to that of Ethiopian Children during 1984 Famine period in the country. It has been months that they have been facing food crisis and starvation. We have been checking up 50 sick children a day and they are in dire and desperate health condition. In our opinions, every 10 and 20 out of 50 Rohingya children that we check up every day will just live for the next 48 hours and the next 2 weeks respectively. Their condition is getting worse day by day.”

Hluntin (Security Forces) of Myanmar government in cooperation with Rakhine extremists have already killed thousands of Rohingyas. Now, they are carrying out a slow genocide against Rohingyas and Kamans through various means. There are quite often hindrances against Food Rations Providing Teams and hassles to the doctors going to help the patients in the refugee camps and sometimes there are even threats to beat or kill humanitarian workers. Therefore, what is this if not GENOCIDE against Rohingyas and Kamans?

Written by M.S. Anwar

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