Thursday, 17 January 2013

Huge Amount of Money Extortion Occurred –Maungdaw

The extortion of money from Arakanese Rohingya by Myanmar Governmental Personals especially NaSaKa ( Boder Security Force) and Police Force is wide spreading day by day, usually with false accusation.  According to one of our correspondents,  3.8 millions Kyats has been extorted from four Rohingyas detainees  in Ngakura of Maungdaw Township , Arakan State by NaSaKa personals of the said Area.
A team of 30 NaSaKas lead by a Lieutanant Commander  Win Laing belonging  to NaSaKa outpost Area No. 5 raided Keari Farang Market ( Kyet Yoo Pyin Market) on 2nd January,2013 at around 8:30pm. It has been reported that millions Kyats  worth properties of Rohingya shopkeepers  had  been damaged and looted during the raid by NaSaKas. 
During the raid, NaSaKa arrested four  innocent Rohingya Shop Owners from their respective shop  with no reason and threatened to arrest more. The victims of  arrest are identified as follows :

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