Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Arbitrary Arrest And Merciless Torture, Maung Daw

Yestarday at about 11:10pm, the Nasaka Commander of Region (5) Bomo Than Sai Aung, accompanied by 18 Nasaka personals and village admin of Auk Phyuma (Hansarirbil) village tract, named U Ba San, raided on Koddon (locally known as Kuduk Khali) village of Atet Phyuma (Furma) village tract. They basically entered the village from west side of arable land no usual road is available that was thought to be making the people unconscious of their arrival.

          On their way in the village they arrested a Rohingya old man named Abdul Habib (55Yr), after being handcuffed he was compelled to show them the dwelling of Iliyas (50Yr) s/o late Sultan Ahmed hail from the same village tract. They then with no criminal offence, arbitrarily arrested and mercilessly tortured four innocent Rohingyas; Iliyas and his two nephews namely Mohammed Amin (20Yr) and Ajmal Hasan (18Yr) sons of Abul Hashim and Olamiya (32Yr) s/o Nurul Islam. They also insulted girls and women's dignity during the operation there. Today at around 9:00am the two young were handed over to the police custody in Kyien Chaung(BaliBazar) village tract. However, Iliyas and Olamiya are still under detention in Nasaka camp in Ngakura.

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