Saturday, 24 January 2015

Four dead bodies of unknown Rohingyas were found in the valleys of the mountains in southern Maungdaw yesterday, some Rohingya firewood gatherers said.

The firewood gatherers believe that some armed Rakhine miscreants have killed the people as they were crossing the mountains.

“We went to collect firewood in the mountains nearby Kaing Gri Rakhine hamlet of Tharay Kunbaung village tract yesterday morning. There in the valleys, we spotted four dead bodies of unknown Rohingyas covered under leaves. When we tried to examine the corpses more, some armed Rakhine miscreants saw us and started firing their guns at us. Therefore, we were unable to know more details about the corpses” said a Rohingya firewood gatherer.

“No other people are allowed to go to the place and see the dead bodies by the possible terrorists. The victims killed are likely from Buthidaung Township. They might have been killed as they were crossing the mountains on their way to Maungdaw Township” he added.

Several Rakhine Buddhist Model villages have been established on the confiscated lands of Rohingyas in southern Maungdaw in the recent two decades. Of the villages, armed Rakhine extremists in the villages such as ‘Kaing Gri and Maw Ra Waddy’ have been notorious for committing crimes against the vulnerable Rohingya people with the cooperation of the Military and the Border Guard Police (BGP).

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