Thursday, 8 January 2015

Rakhine extremist doctors and nurses killed a pregnant Rohingya woman during her delivery in the Sittwe General Hospital yesterday, according to the reliable sources. 

The deceased victim is identified to be Salimah, mother of three children, hailed from Paikthay village also known as Zailla Fara in Kyauktaw Township.

“28-year-old Salimah (daughter of) Mv Yahya started suffering from labor pain last Saturday. She struggled with the pain for four days. Eventually, her family decided to admit her to the Sittwe General Hospital hoping that she would have less pains and smooth baby delivery. So, her husband Mohammed Twahir and her elder sister Bibi Maryam accompanied her as her caretakers to the hospital.

They admitted her in the Sittwe Hospital around 4:00PM yesterday. But the hospital authority forced her husband back to Kyauktaw Township saying that there was no need of him since his wife got admission to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the hospital authority informed her relatives at Furan Fara village in Akyab (Sittwe) that she together with her new born baby passed away around 10:00PM on the same day.

The authority discharged dead bodies of the mother-baby-duo and handed them over the deceased’s relatives in Furan Fara around 4:00PM today. Afterwards, her funeral was performed by the Rohingyas in Furan Fara.

Her family including the parents, the husband and the children wanted to go to Sittwe to see and bury her dead body. However, the authority didn’t allow them. She has left three children, one boy and two girls, behind” said a local Rohingya in Kyauktaw Township.

It has been learnt that the locals are extremely worried about the situation of the caretaker of the patient, Bibi Maryam, who has been still held by the hospital authority.

“The authority said that they would send her back to her native village, Paikthay, Kyauktaw Township soon when she requested she wanted to accompany her sister’s funeral. They have not even freed her yet.

On the other hand, the body of the deceased woman, Salimah, was full of bruises and severe injuries possibly resulting from beatings and tortures. It is highly possible that the hospital’s Rakhine extremist doctors or nurses have killed her. We will know what happened exactly when the caretaker is freed by the hospital authority” he continued.

This is not the first time that the Rakhine extremists that administer and operate the hospital have killed Rohingya patients. Killings of the Rohingya patients have taken place many times before. It may be called Rohingya exterminating halls.

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