Sunday, 18 January 2015

Rohingya Aid Team recently visited the major flood affected areas of Malaysia in Kelantan district of Malaysia and distributed aids to the victims on Saturday, an aid team volunteer said. 

The Rohingya Aid Team consisting of 20 members from Kuala Lumpur headed to the major flood affected areas in Kelantan where both Rohingya and local communities have been suffering from shortage of food, water and shelters.

 The Team delivered 600 sacks of rice, 600 packs of sugar, 600 packs of oil, 600 packs of Maggi, 600 tooth-brush and 600 tooth-past loaded on two lorries. The aids were contributed by Rohingya individuals in Ampang area of Selangor. 

“We, as a team along with necessary aids, started our trip to Kelantan at about 10PM Friday and reached to Kuala Kerai, Kelantan at 9am Saturday morning. We met with the chairman and some elders of Malay community and Rohingya community there” said Sayid Hussain, a member of the Rohingya Aid Team.

 “The both communities welcomed the Rohingya Aid Team and suggested that the aids should be distributed equally to the both communities. With the suggestion of the chairman the aid were distributed to both communities at Dewan Jabatan Haiwan Gushi 7, Kuala Kerai. Sacks of rice, packs of oil and sugar and tooth brushes and tooth-past 200 each were distributed” he continued.  

 Then, the team headed to Kampung Cina Jaya, Kuala Kerai where most of the victim’s complaint that no any aid has reached to them as they stay out of town at about 11am. The team distributed aid to 56 Malay and Rohingya families.

 The team went to some major effected areas of Kelantan and one of them was Kampung Pahi. The team met with the Imam of Kampung Pahi Masjid and called all the villagers and distributed aid to all of them.

 Finally the team headed to Kampung Budi, Kelantan and the remaining aid were distributed to the villagers together with the chairman and elders of that village. While the Malay community thanked Rohingya Aid Team for extending hands to the major flood victims at the time of need.

 The team headed to Kuala Lumpur back at about 4PM on Saturday.

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