Friday, 27 February 2015

The four innocent (Rohingya) women arrested in Buthidaung Township on Monday early morning were released later at night on bails and upon seizure of their respective family registration lists by the Border Guard Police (BGP), the local sources reported.

The Myanmar BGP arrested 18 Rohingya women as some of their family members were absent for the re-conducting prejudicial census at ‘Nga Ran Chaung’ village in the township. Of them, 14 women were released and four were detained in the lock-up until the late night. (Read the Earlier Report HERE)

“The women were harassed in the detention until they were released on bails and upon seizing their family registration lists around 10:00PM of the day. On Wednesday, February 25, morning, the families of the four women arrested went to the Border Guard Police Station for taking part in the survey of the census as per the forced conditions in the bail.

The BGP took group pictures of the three families but the whole family of Daw Halidah was forced to sit tight under the hot sun until 4:00PM of the day” said a local Rohingya asking not to be named.

Moreover, on Wednesday morning, a BGP officer confiscated the registration lists of the families of U Mohammed Toyub and U Sultan Ahmed on pretext of putting back their family members in the list that had been delisted earlier. Although in the evening, U Sultan Ahmed went to the police to have his family list back, the BGP didn’t return it, it has been learnt.

And they police and other departments in the census enumeration didn’t charge money at the beginning stage. But now they have started arbitrarily squeezing Kyat 5,000 respectively for ‘Delisting the Deaths’ and “Listing down the Newly Born Babies.’

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