Saturday, 21 March 2015

Buthidaung, Arakan. Four Rohingyas have been killed and four other critically injured after the lorry carrying them had met with an accident in Buthidaung, a local eyewitness said.

The GE vehicle that a Rakhine man was driving met with the accident on its way to ‘Taung Bazaar’ village from ‘Pha Yung Chaung’ village in the township, around 7:00PM last Tuesday. The vehicle was not only carrying heavy loads of iron-rods but also the eight people at the time of accident, according to the eyewitnesses.

The eight people was taken as forced labours by the government-collaborator, named Abdul Ghani (son of) Sayed Karim, 45, hails from ‘Dudan hamlet’ of ‘Pa-Yung-Chaung’ village tract; upon the order by the authority for logging to the forest nearby ‘Taung Bazaar.’ On the way, the lorry provided as transport to them met with the accident and the iron rods on the lorry fell on them.

Four of the people died instantly. Three people were critically injured and another one received normal injuries. The people that passed away are:

  • Mohammed (son of) Abdul Barry, 45
  • Zafar Islam (son of) Islam, 16
  • Lukhman Hakim (son of) Fedaan, 17
  • Yusouf (son of) Zahir Ahmed, 20

The four other people injured are:

  • Abdul Hashim (son of) Fedaan, 19, critically injured
  • Abu Siddique (son of) Naagu, critically injured
  • Noor Mohammed (son of) Nazir Ahmed, critically injured
  • Doilla (son of) Rashid Ahmed received light injuries.

The corpses of the deceased people were buried in the grave of ‘the Dudan hamlet’ yesterday evening. The injured people are being treated in Buthidaung Hospital

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