Monday, 30 March 2015

A Rohingya fisher man namely Nur Muhammad(35yrs);son of Muhammad from Dar Paing village(one of Rohingya villages),Sittwe, Arkan went out for fishing on 28.3.2015. When he got near Aung Daing village (one of Rakhinese village),Sittwe fishing a long the river,he caught by was a gang of Rakhinese extremist of Aung Daing village and he was brutally killed by Rakhines gang and his dead body was thrown in the river near by the Rohingya Muslim village, Say Thama Gyi,Sittwe on 29.3.2015. On 28.3.2015 the village admin of Aung Daing contacted the village admin of Dar Paing (both of them are Rakhinese) and said that a Muslim entered his village and the villagers caught him alive. Dar Paing village admin shared the info with the wife of the fisherman in the village. Wife of the fisherman contacted the Village admin of Aungd Daing but did not pick up the phone on 29.3.2015. Eventually she went to Camp police station in Man Zhi and informed about missing of her hubby.Then heard that a Rohingya dead body was found being floated in the river at 8 am on 29.3.2015. The hands and feet of dead body was tied up with rope. The villagers took the corpse to Say Tha Ma Gyi village. Tomorrow morning they will bury the dead body if the police don't arrive. If the police arrive the dead body will be taken to mortuary in Sittwe General Hospital. For more details, please contact the sister of Nur Muhammad who was brutally killed by Rakhinese gang.

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