Monday, 3 August 2015

ARAKAN -15 Rohingya villages in MinPya severely affected by the calamities of flood and cyclone, which devastated properties of the locals including cattle, rice, etc, but losses are in higher ratio among the Rohingya population.

Flood victims were on mountain tops for shelter, where they were in hunger and thirst. Although water level has dropped but the areas are still muddy up to 3-4 feet. No Authorities were sent there for inspection and rescue the Rohingya.

In MinPya and Kyauktaw, 50000 Rohingya are in urgent need of rice, water and medical assistance for children and aged. Moreover 600 Rohingyas urgently need shelters.

Even in this critical situation Rakhine Authority in only concerned about the aids and protection of Rakhine people. Up till now no aids have reached the helpless Rohingyas in affected areas.

In Kyauktaw Floods and cyclone destroyed 100s of Rohingya’s houses including their properties like cattles, rice, and other households.In another 9 villages, more than 1000 houses were also destroyed by the floods and strong wind.

A Rohingya lady, Nur Ajiza from Pauktaw Palaung of Kyauktaw died. In Lama Ywa of MinPya, two boys and a lady are still missing. Many people were injured while moving to the safe shelters.

Some houses which are two stories had some rice remained which they cooked to feed people once in the whole day as they do not have enough rice for two times.


Two brothers, sons of Muhammad Jalil, one ten years old Rashid and another 15 years old Rafique, from Sakkya Ywa of Min Pya.

They went out of their houses when the water level was 4 feet high, holding each other. Than they slipped into the drain of roadside and floated away until they both grasped a small tree, they both held the tree for 2 hours.

Rafique told his brother to move another place as speed of water became stronger, Rashid warned not to move. Rafique didn’t listen to his younger brother and left. Rashid holding the tree remained there another three hours.

When he saw a boat of Rakhine, he shouted for help but they didn’t care. One hour later, Rashid father with another two Rohingya on a boat reached to Rashid and saved him. Rafique is still missing, they couldn’t find him.

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