Monday, 17 August 2015

ARAKAN, Devastation of floods and Cyclone Komen in Arakan, lead 1000s of Rohingyas starved without adequate shelters, and 1000s are in of need immediate medical assistance. 

Authority evacuated Rakhine Buddhists, provided them food and other necessary things. General Min Aung Hlaing visited Arakan and met only Rakhine Buddhists.

Moreover even President Thein Sein visited Arakan, where he met  Rakhine except in Buthidaung where he met only 15 Rohingya.

Chinese delegation accompanied by Chinese Ambassador visited Arakan and donated only to Rakhine Buddhists. Government, Rakhine State authority, leaders and Myanmar Movie Stars used all their capacity to help Rakhine but left Rohingyas to die.

In Kyauktaw, more than 25000 Rohingya need rice and in Min Pya nearly 15000 Rohingya are in urgent need of rice. In Sittwe, Buthidaung and Rathedaung too, 1000s of Rohingya floods victims are starving.

Mrauk U where 20000 Rohingya need food and water immediately, there town Administrator of Mrauk U provided some biscuits only for 4 Rohingya villages.

A Rohingya IDP from Mrauk U reported that camp committee of Paring demanded 10000kyats from each family whose ration were cut by staffs of WFP.

The Committee told them “We don’t demand the money, the staffs who bring ration here commanded us to collect 10000kyats from each family if they wanted their ration.” Where can we find 10000kyats, we don’t have 10 kyats even ” said a local named Bilkis whose ration has been cut since July 2015.

Soon after the floods ceased in some places such as Pauktaw, Myay Bon, Kyauktaw, Min Pya, authority met Rohingya floods victims who are desperately waiting for help. They had to receive genocidal green cards instead of aid, which is designed only for Rohingyas to make them illegal immigrats from Bangladesh in their own homeland.

Instead of helping Rohingya floods victims, authority has started genocidal greed cards operation.

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