Wednesday, 25 November 2015

 Around six human trafficking boats reported to have been waiting around off Sittwe (Akyab) coast for past few days were abandoned by the traffickers after hearing of a police raid, according to the reliable sources.

With already around 70 people from on the boats, the human traffickers were waiting more potential victims from the Rohingya IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camps, whom (the victims) were set to be later smuggled to Malaysia via Thailand.

On Monday night around 9:30PM, acting upon an information tip, the Police in ‘Manzi’ village led by the Station Commander, Hla Myo Thu, made to the coast of ‘Ohn Daw Gyi’ village where the human traffickers were reported to be waiting.

However, the traffickers abandoned the boats and fled from the place to go into hiding before the police’s arrival. Upon so, the victims on the boats (who are) mostly from the IDP Camps – such as Bodu Pha, Thakkay Pyin, Ohn Daw Gyi, Thay Chaung and Aung Mingalar — also ran away in fear.

Later, the police came back and said “we went there but found no one.”

However, the police said that they would be looking for the human traffickers and take actions.

“Earlier, the armed forces and the administrative authorities have also been complicit in the human trafficking. Now, we pray and hope they do something to prevent the trafficking,” said a Rohingya youth in Ohn Daw Gyi.

AS the monsoon ends in Myanmar and the sea-weather en-route to Thailand has become calm and stable, the human traffickers have started the illegal trading of human beings touted to be a multi-million dollar business in the region. This time, they are said to be taking a different route and applying different tactic for trafficking.

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“The traffickers coax people. Or they entrap people to smuggle them to Malaysia. But as long as the violence and brutal persecution by the government against our people do not stop, the people will continue fleeing. By this means or by other means,” said a Rohingya at an IDP Camp in Sittwe.

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