Friday, 18 December 2015

At least five houses were destroyed and numbers of families were displaced following a landslide in the ancient ‘Apauk Wa’ Rohingya village in Kyauktaw Township on Tuesday night, a local said.

The landslide which occurred around 11:00PM on December 15 night also killed an elderly Rohingya person visiting the village from ‘Sidir Kul (Thaydar Kadi)’ village of ‘Punna Gyun’ Township. The landslide was reportedly triggered by a strong wind and the rising water in the adjacent river, according to a local of ‘Apauk Wa’ village also known as ‘Afauk.’

Some of the victims of the landslide have taken shelter with their kin, some others have been residing in the premises some other villagers. As the landslides are likely to occur more, the locals have begun to desert their settlements in the dangerous since yesterday.

Since the landslides hit the village, the displaced families have been under serious condition as they are having no humanitarian reliefs. The local Burmese authorities have ignored the victims as well, according to a local man in Kyauktaw.

“One old man has been missing and more than five houses were destroyed. The other families have also left their homes as it is likely that more landslides will occur.
But nobody has provided them any help. They are in serious condition. They need help,” said U Maung Maung, a local Rohingya man in Kyauktaw.

“The landslides have been taking place, destroying the Rohingya homes and depreciating their lands for years. During the floods and the cyclone Komen last July, more than 40 families their homes. They are still struggling. But the government and the other relief agencies have been ignoring them,” he continued.

The ‘Apauk Wa’ is an ancient Rohingya village located nearby a river and surrounded by the hostile Rakhine (Magh) village. The government has not provided them any help to prevent the further landslide although they (the government) floored the river bank with stones to prevent the landslides against a Rakhine village not so far away. And the Rohingya villagers are too poor to take any such kind of protective measure from further landslides.

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