Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Burmese (Myanmar) Border Guard Police (BGP) severely beat up two Rohingya men in northern December 13 in order to squeeze money from them, the reliable sources report.

A group of six BGP personnel from ‘Nagkura (Nagpura)’ camp under commandment area 5 made to the ‘MyaZin’ hamlet of ‘Lon Doong’ village tract in northern around 10:00PM on December 13. There, they beat up two innocent Rohingya men accusing them of wrong reasons. 

“Anwar Sadek Iman Hussein, a young Rohingya boy, was talking to his friend on phone standing at the gate of his house. There, the BGP encountered them and accused him of using Bangala phone.
However, they searched his body, they only found out a Myanmar MPT phone. However, the BGP accused him of hiding his Bangala phone and started beating him. After that, they not only seized his MPT phone but also extorted Kyat 40,000 from him.

Subsequently, they raided the redsidence of Mr. Abu Shukkor Akhbar Ali around 11:00PM night and said that they received a complaint against him. There at his own home, they beat him for one hour until 12:00 midnight.

After that, they took him to their camp where they beat and threatened him for the whole night. On December 14 morning, they released him after extorting Kyat 500,000.
However, he received severe injuries on his face from the tortures,” said a local Rohingya in northern Maungdaw.

The Border Guard Police beat and torture Rohingyas for no reason; they extort money from them; they humiliate Rohingya women ; and sometimes, they even kill them (the innocent Rohingyas). However, the higher authorities just let them commit the atrocities with impunity.

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