Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Myanmar (Burmese) Border Guard Police locally known as BGP raped two Rohingya women in northern Maungdaw at 8:30 PM last Friday.

It has been learnt that a gang of four BGP including a Corporal– from the camp at ‘Zaydi Pyin hamlet of Londoong village tract’ – raided at ‘Pan Myaung hamlet of Ngasa Kyu village tract on February 5 evening. Meanwhile, they, in two separate groups, raided two homes belong to two Rohingyas, Sayed Alam Abul Kalam and Sayed Ahmed, respectively, where they (BGP) gang-raped the women.

“Sayed Alam has been married with a woman, Shamshidah (daughter of) Gura Meah, 25, for two years. However, they haven’t had any children yet. So, they are the only two members in their family.

As the BGP entered their home, they, without a proof, alleged Sayed Alam of using Bangala Phone and asked him to give to them. He said he neither possesses a Bangala Phone nor knows how to use a mobile phone. Soon after, the BGP handcuffed and tied his hands and legs with ropes.

And the BGP began to beat his wife and gang-raped her again and again,” said a local villager on the condition of anonymity.

“Similarly, another gang of BGP entered Sayed Ahmed’s home. As soon as they entered his home, they alleged Sayed Ahmed with a similar allegation of using Bangala. When Sayed Ahmed refused the allegations, they handcuffed and tied every family member with ropes and dragged them out of their homes.

And the BGP raped his 28-year-old widow, Daw Aminah Khatun, several times. When she started shouting out for help, her villagers came to rescue and the BGP left the place having untied and released the family members.

However, the villagers didn’t chase the BGP staffs and do anything lest there should be unrests. Instead, they went to the village administrations and lodged complaints,” he continued.

The village administrator of ‘Ngasa Kyu’, U Salim, went to Major Kyaw Tay Zar, the Commander of BGP Area (5) in ‘Ngakura’ village along with the raped-victims and the eyewitnesses to lodge reports. The BGP Commander investigated the victims till night.

“The commander Major Kyaw Tay Zar is a newly-posed officer in the region. He, in the Commandment Area 3 where he was earlier posted, was known as a fair and just official and also known for keeping his sub-ordinates and pile-troops disciplined.

Therefore, this time as well, the locals expect him to give the justice to the raped victims,” said a villager.

However, the rape victims are in serious health conditions due to the gang-rapes and injuries received meanwhile.

The BGP at the ‘Zaydi Pyin’ Post has been notorious for oppressing local Rohingya passers-by and bodily harassing women.

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