Saturday, 16 July 2016

Maungdaw: Village administrator in Gojondiya village of southern Maungdaw extorted money from innocent Rohingya farmers with the promise of building barriers for their farmlands, which are under salty water now

In the incident, since last 2 months up to 300 acre of farmlands of the villagers were under salty water, which prevented them from farming even in this rainy season, thus stopping their livelihoods.
When the situation was known to the village administrator Ibrahim S/O Jafar Ahmed (35), he promised to build barriers for every farm lands and extorted 20,000 Kyats from each house from the whole village, which is a home to 300 houses.
It’s been 2 months now no barriers have been built and villagers are in continuous limbo without farming. Poor farmers are in starving and tensed situation due to their cease of farming.
Money Extortion from helpless Rohingyas became a part of their daily persecution schedule, where authorities are held freely with their uniforms for persecution.

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