Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Rathedaung: Since 2012, Authorities have confiscated 100’s acre of Rohingya farmlands in Anaprang and all farmlands of Muzai, Rathedaung, where they made intolerable starving situation by ceasing food ration given by MHD (NGO) on 23rd July 2016.

In the incidence, MHD informed villagers of Anaprang and Muzai village about ceasing rations under Government’s pressure, which was the only hope for these two villages.
In the food ration process, each individual were given 13.5 kg of rice,1 liter of oil, 1 kg of seed, and a pack of salt/family, where military use to snatch ¾ kg of rice/person.
“Ration distributed by the NGOs were not even enough to survive, where authorities are further worsening the starving situation by ceasing the whole ration process”, explains a villager on the condition of anonymity.
From 2012 these villagers were living under starving situation, where little ration by NGO’s was the only hope. Now they have been informed of ceasing ration, commencing from August, 2016.
Moreover they were asked to list down the vulnerable villagers, where whole village rely on ration. In the conversation villagers explained their starving situation and urged to provide ration for the whole village, where all are in starving situation, due to restriction of movement and land confiscation.
In spite of living in their ancestral land, these two villages are like open prisons, as they are surrounded by 24 Maugh villages, where Arakanese Rohingyas are persecuted in every possible way by Magh villagers, Military, BGP and other governmental authorities.
Starving to death is another genocidal tool, which is widely implemented by the government authorities along with Maughs for the ongoing Rohingya Genocide.

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