Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Mrauk U – Rohingyas in Mrauk U are restricted to move within their own town since 2012, where bribes are being taken by Long Thein for travel passes from one village to another.

Restriction of movement made Rohingyas life unbearable, where Long Thein (Government Forces) are further worsening by taking 200 Kyat for each passes in Paung Dong Village.
Recently since 25th July Long Thein ceased movement even with travel passes, due to which Rohingyas in that area became jobless and are in stage of starving.
Moreover by seeing the vulnerable situation of Rohingyas in that area, corrupted village head along with the collaboration of authority extorted 2000 Kyats/person with fake promises of providing jobs, where up till now no promised have been fulfilled.
Similar restrictions of movement have been reported from many other villages at present and past, where Government authorities are giving immune to corrupted officials and are participating in every genocidal tool for the ongoing Rohingya Genocide.

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