Thursday, 29 September 2016

Authorities including Military forces, BGP and village heads are escalating physical torture on the innocent Rohingya people so that they can extort money in abundance in Northern Arakan, some brave locals have said.

Military forces who took temporary shelter at the home of village head of Tharahprang Aungpah under Buthidaung joint with an informer named Shisha, son of Nurul Amin and they physically tortured 8 night guards of Theindaung Prang at around 9 pm without any reason. Finally, they forcibly extorted 10 thousands Kyats from each of the innocent, poor Rohingya victims.
Six months ago in Then Da village tract situated in southern Maungdaw, former chairman collaborating with former members and some villagers went from door to door in seeking vote to elect a new village head name Abul Kasim, son of Hala.  As he was thought as a good natured man before election, villagers stood in favour of him expecting to get a chance of leading a peaceful life. When he has been given power, he appears as a tiger against the villagers with all of his misbehaviors including raping spinsters and extortion of money.
According to the villagers, if any pious personality gives him lecture to avoid misdeeds, the village head files cases against him with authorities concerned and makes his life standstill.
Camp-in-Charge of Border Guard Police (BGP) camp nearby the bridge situated in Gudussora under Maungdaw arrested some guiltless youths form Nurulla and Nolboinna hamlets under Bagguna villge tarct in last night and has been torturing them inhumanely in order to extort a great bundle of money, more than 2 million Kyats from each, a local has reported.

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