Saturday, 3 September 2016


A Rohingya teenage girl have been beaten and tortured inhumanly by police, and extorted money for release on 26th August 2016.
The victim is identified to be Akala, 13, D/O Siddiq who hails Anaprang Village, Rathedaung. Innocent Akala is a teenage girl who sells snacks for daily livelihood.
The current village head Maung Maung S/O Abdul Hakim of Anaprang, who is well known for committing crimes along with authorities was not elected by the villagers. But he bribed authorities with 80, 00000 Kyats and became village head again on January 2016.
Since then he started taking revenge from the villagers who did not vote for him. Following that pretext Akala too became a victim of his injustice act.
In the incidence Akala had a fight with a nearby lady, who is a relative of the current notorious village head. So labeling this as an issue he called police and made her arrested.
After reaching to the police station, police inhumanely tortured her in every possible way by not sparing a single part of her body. Due to intolerable torture her parents had to sell their home and pay 25, 0000 Kyats to police for her release.
Torturing, beating to death and rape on Rohingya women in another genocidal tool used by Burmese regime, in which minor innocent girls like Akala have to pay the price for living in their own ancestral land.

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