Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Arakan today

Maungdaw – The Burmese armed forces have continuously been committting mass atrocities against the Rohingya minority in Maungdaw, rapes against their women and inhumane tortures of the victims the arbitrary detentions since October 9.
It has been learnt that the Burmese military have been taking several measures to conceal their crimes as the former UN secretary General Mr. Kofi Anan is due to visit the region.
Following are the updates on the unfolding situation on the ground.
30/11/16 2 pm: Hundreds of Rohingya civilians arrested in northern Maungdaw between Nov 25 and 26 are being inhumanely tortured at Kyikanpyin BGP Headquarter.
Reportedly, many of them have been blinded as their eye-nerves have been cut off or their eyes have been gouged, says a detainee who has recently been released.
30/11/16 1:30 pm: Burmese authorities have shifted all Rohingya prisoners detained arbitrarily in Buthidaung Prison (after October 9) to the nearby jungles.
Now, the victims are besieged are heavily guarded by the military in jungles. This is to the conceal crimes of the military against the Rohingya as KofiAnnan is due to visit the region
30/11/16 1 pm: Since November 26, some Burmese troops have been being extra nice to some Rohingya villagers, whose homes had been burnt down, in northern Maungdaw.
The troops are asking the displaced Rohingyas to resume their daily activities and return to their places and make tents over their places instead of living outside in the field.
The locals are highly suspicious of the sudden changes in the behaviors of the military. Is it a trap to arrest more Rohingya men or because of @KofiAnnan pending visit?
30/11/16 9 am: The group of the 46 Burmese troops that gang-raped a teenage Rohingya girl at Sinthaepyin village last night have entered the village mosque with their shoes on since this morning are now vandalizing the Mosque and tearing off the Holy Quran.
30/11/16 9 am: A Burmese Army attack helicopter continues to fly over Sinthaepyin village. The Rohingya villagers are feared of air-attacks.
30/11/16 9 am: A group of 46 Burmese troops Gang-Raped a teenage Rohingya girl at Kyun Gaung hamlet of LoneDoong VT on November 29 night.
29/11/16 6 pm: Burmese Border Guard Police arbitrarily arrested Mv Abdul Aziz Ismail, a religious scholar, from Kan Seik hamlet of Auk Pho Village tract, Kyauk Tan area, Rathedaung at 2 pm today (on November 29).
He is being detained and tortured at Nyaung Chaung BGP camp in Buthidaung.

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