Friday, 30 December 2016

The Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) continues to demolish Rohingya homes daily across Maungdaw district since mid December 2016, reliable reports emerge from Maungdaw.

After burning thousands of Rohingya homes in northern Maungdaw since October 9, the BGP began to demolish homes in northern Maungdaw, which later spread to other parts of Maungdaw district including southern Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township. 
The BGP, reportedly acting on the order by the Rakhine State Chief Minister and the Commander in-Chief of the BGP, have recently demolished homes in the following villages (besides the reports on the demolition of homes we have earlier).
In Northern Maungdaw,
I) In LonDoong village on December 27,
1) 11 houses and 4 shops were destroyed at Kyun Gaung hamlet of LonDoong
2) 15 houses were destroyed at ‘Kyaik Chaung’ hamlet of LonDoong (some 40-year old homes were also destroyed.)
3) 25 houses were destroyed at ‘Sinthae Pyin’ hamlet of Londoong
4) 8 houses and 3 shops were destroyed at ‘Zaydi Pyin’ hamlet of LonDoong
15) 15 houses were destroyed at ‘Mya Zin’ hamlet of LonDoong.
II) In ‘Sabbay Gone’ village on December 27,
1) 8 houses were destroyed. 
III) In ‘Taung Pyo Lat Ya’ on December 26,
1) 3 houses were destroyed.
IV) In ‘Thayet Oak’ village on December 25,
1) 6 houses were destroyed.
V) In ‘Kyauk Pyin Seik’ village on December 26,
1) 25 houses and 15 shops were ordered to be destroyed.
In Southern Maungdaw,
I) In the village of ‘Padin’ on December 26,
1) 11 houses and 6 shops
II) In the village of  ‘Du Nyaung Pin Gyi’ on December 26,
1) 5 houses were destroyed. 
After continuously demolishing homes in the rural areas, the BGP has handed further lists of homes to be destroyed over to the administrators of the respective Rohingya villages in the outskirts of the downtown of Maungdaw.
Hundreds of Rohingya homes have been demolished in the Buthidaung Township in the recent weeks. 
The houses and shops being destroyed in the rural villages are not modern buildings that require officials’ permission(s) but traditional country-type structures built of bamboos and woods and covered with ‘Nipa Palm Leaves.’ These widespread destructions of homes are now seen among the locals as yet another attempt of cleansing their (i.e. Rohingya) population through systematic displacement of the people.
The order to demolish homes had only been imposed on the Rohingya community, not on the Rakhine Buddhist community.

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