Thursday, 17 November 2011

BGB sends 17 Rhingyas to Jail, 39 pushes back to Burma

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) sent 17 Rohingyas to Cox’s Bazar jail who were arrested on November 12, from Shapuri Dip, and 39 Rohingyas were pushed back to Burma who were arrested from Whaikong border point, according to Teknaf police official. 

“Those who were arrest from Shapuri Dip are suspected as boat-people who intend to go to Malaysia; they gave Taka 25,000 to trafficker in advance for Malaysia trip, and the rest Taka 100,000 to be paid in Malaysia after arrival there.”

Besides, on November 13, at about 1:00 pm, 39 Rohingyas were arrested by BGB personnel of Whaikong BGB out-post camp while illegally entering Bangladesh from Whaikong border point. Most of the arrestees are young people between 20 years to 12 years. It is very strange, why the young people are fleeing to Bangladesh without learning in schools, said BGB official. 

The arrestees are from Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Sittwe (Akyab), the capital of Arakan State. After arrest and primary question from them and were sent to police station of Teknaf. Afterwards, all the arrestees were pushed back to Burma from Mosoni Nayapara border point said the Company Commander (Sergeant) Bazalur Rahaman of Whaikong BGB out-posts camp.

The arrestees from Whaikong were identified as:- Sayed Noor (25), Eliyas (24), Md. Enus (19), Zobayat (18), Abdu Malek (45), Shamsul Islam (20), Ali Hussain (18), Mozemail(17),  Abdul Noor(14), Sayed Ahmed(15),  Md.Rohim (21), Abul Khasim( 18),  Md. Shoffique (20), Salim Ullah (15),  Md. Toha (17), Kamal Hussain (26), Md.Rofique(18),  Sayedul Amin (26), Md. Ayas (15), Md. Hussain(29), Amin (28), Shamshu Alam ( 18), Zahin Gir (25), Abdullah (11),  Enus(18), Shamshu Alam (22), Md.Zaker( 15), Deshon(17),  Md. Hussain( 15), Md. Enus(30), Rofique (12),Kalu(13), Rofique (15), Abdullah(20), Md. Esuf (26), Zahid Hissain (12), Abdullah(19) and Zaber(16).

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