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20th November 2012 Maung Daw, Arakan- Immediately after President Obama had left Burma, a masterminded attack against Rohingyas at Honssara (Du-Thandar), Laambaguna (Zaw-Ma-Tat) village tract in Maung Daw was carried out yesterday. In the attack, around nine houses of Rohingyas have been blazed and razed. As an immediate response to Obama’s call to stop the violence against Rohingyas and in disagreement to his using the term “Rohingya,” Rakhine Extremists Leaders, Skinned-Head Fascists in Saffron and local authority together conspired the attack so as to become easier for them to carry out a new genocide against these people.

“Yesterday, immediately after Obama had departed the country, Rakhine Extremist Leaders from Yangon directed some Rakhine extremists in Maung Daw to resume the violence against Rohingyas to show their disagreement to Obama. Some of the Rakhine extremists who instigated the violence in Maung Daw yesterday in cooperation with the NAY-MYAY-MU (Regional of Head of NaSaKa-Border Security Force) of Southern Maung Daw include:

1) U Hla Myint- a rich Rakhine figure and the owner of Mortgage Business Shop No.4, 
2) U Khin Maung Shwe (name might be wrongly spelled)- Judge in the Court of Maung Daw Township, 
3) USDP Maung Daw Secretary- U Hla Tun Phru and other three prominent Rakhine Extremists Figures.

They altogether went to a Rakhine village called Kaing Gri located nearby the violence hit Rohingya village pretending as if they were on a picnic trip to the village. Subsequently, the houses of Rohingyas were torched in the Rohingya village mentioned above. The houses of the following people were among the houses razed.

1) Azimullah S/o Shaab Meah 
2) Ali Meah S/o Ghani 
3) Kumsuma Khatu D/o Ghani 
4) Shakayr S/o Ali Meah

Later, NAY-MYAY-MU who was bribed and coaxed by the Rakhine extremists together with KUAY-KAY-YE-MU (NaSaKa Adminstrator in Maung Daw) blamed Rohingyas BACK that they had torched their own houses. Therefore, they ordered NaSaKa to arrest any 100 Rohingya men from the nearby villages no matter whether they are guilty or not. There is a shoot-at-sight declared to those Rohingya men who resist or refused to be arrested” said a prominent Rohingya elder on the condition of anonymity.

There have been conflicting reports coming out about the number of Rohingyas arrested till date. Some say 10 Rohingya men have been arrested and some say 15.

-Therefore, is the targeting innocent Rohingyas the Justice in Burma just because Obama called to stop the violence and used the term Rohingya?

-Is the blaming Rohingyas back the Justice in Burma after burning down their houses?

-Is trying to arrest or kill Rohingyas for nothing the Justice in Burma?

-Or what is this?

The case is rested upon you to decide!!

Compiled by M.S. Anwar

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