Friday, 23 November 2012

Who Else Could the Culprit Be But the King (Thein Sein) Himself? | Part 2

With a view to exposing the intentions of Muu Zaw, let me share more on his posts. Look at below! 
Dear Friends,

You don’t know!

And I don’t know either how the democratic activists and political parties will take it.

We will not hold any talks with them on this topic.

Besides, we will not accept Rohingyas at all. No matter who says what, we don’t sympathize them even on the humanitarian ground or whoever says whatever, we will not accept them. The people who say “Accept them, Sympathize them,” -do not live on this land.

We want to send them to America and Ban Ki Moon’s country! Will they accept them?

So, he is basically saying is 'those who sympathize them, do not to live on this land!!" That Muu Zaw deserves to be kicked on his face with the back heel! He is of mind that only he owns this land. I cannot say whether or not he thinks, when they sing “This is our country and this is our land” in the national anthem, that military dictators own the country and since he is one of them, he, too, owns the country. Even I start to feel insecure for myself when I was reading and collecting these posts and papers. After all, it is the land owned by him! It cannot either be said that he is not coming with the military from behind! Here is one more example on his posts:

No matter what our intentions and standpoints were, now we all need to be united. The problems that we are facing today in Rakhine state are not just racial and religious problems but it is turning into the form of an invasion by a foreign country. According to the current situation, declaring act 144 and giving shoot at sight orders are just to protect Rakhine people’s lives and done in the best way by the government. In this situation, if the government doesn’t know how to handle the situation effectively, they will be blamed for the genocides as if they themselves are doing it. (Now, if we look carefully to the International Media, we will find they are all keeping quiet. In rare news by CNA, only the shootings of the security guards are unfairly written and the reasons behind all these are written very less. I doubt whether they are masterminding it with the international networks.)

Keeping ideological differences aside, we urge you all friends to stand with the government together at this time. They may attack us through humanitarian and religious issues. Now we all need to show foreign countries that we are not creating any religious and racial tensions but fighting against those who are invading us unlike what CNA is trying to portray.

We cannot call Bomu Zaw Htay with any other name but with Nazi Zaw Htay if we look into his writings here. Besides the postings on his facebook which stimulate racial hatred, more than a quarter of postings regarding Rakhine state including fighting and killings can be found. In some posts, he has referred to the president’s office website. The news of the fighting and killings and the number of the deaths are mentioned in detail in the president’s office website.

Dare Bomu Zaw Thay who has come from the military academy that follows the orders with no question do all that by himself without the permission of the president or that of a his senior official? POINT TO BE NOTED!!

To be continued.

Zaw Win 
A former 88 Generation Student 
9th June 2012

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