Friday, 30 November 2012

Free Rohingya Campaign and Myanmar Muslim Civil Rights Movement joint petition for Free Dr. Tun Aung

Dr Tun Aung and Family were arrested because they are among very few educated Rohingy a who have access to modern technology to inform the world about ethnic cleanisng and genocide in Arakan Burma. Read his case profile here
He is 65 years old and a patient of Pituitary Tumor and received Nauru surgery twice, one in 1997 and again in 2004 because of the recurrence of tumor. The condition remains serious and still under vital medication and suffering from serious side effect of the medicines. He has very limited eye vision due to the tumors on both sides of the eyes. He recently received varicose vein surgery on his both legs.
Sittwe Provincial Court sentenced religious leader Dr. Tun Aung (aka) Nu Hauk to a total of 12 years imprisonment on Wednesday for his role in the communal strife which erupted in Maungdaw, Arakan (Rakhine) State, on June 8.
Dr. Tun Aung faced six charges, including instigating a riot and fraud, stemming from a request he made to the local authorities on June 8 to hold a gathering to pray for 10 Muslims killed by an Arakanese mob in Taunggok Township on June 3. Despite giving assurances that the gathering would not result in violence, a riot broke out and Htun Aung was later arrested on June 11.
He was sentenced to seven years under the Section 5(j) of the Emergency Provision Act, two years each under the Sections 153(a) and 505(c) of the Criminal Code as well as an additional year under Section 6(1) of Wireless and Telegraph Act of 1933.

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