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“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
- Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Cabinet Hitler

In Burma (or Myanmar), it all began in 1962 with the ascendance of Gen. Ne Win to the power, who led a military coup and seized the power from its first and ever democratically elected government. He was a believer in superstitions, delusional ideologist and ultranationalist. So naturally, he was always hostile to the people of different origin and religion in the country. Therefore, that altogether led him, during his reign, to kill thousands of innocent people and commit countless crimes against humanity. To escape the punishments for his crimes, he used to lie with a straight face so much so that he achieved ultimate happiness and pleasure in doing so. His 26-year-long reign came to the end after the nationwide uprising in 1988. However, the dictators who succeeded him have proven to be the world-class sociopaths, oxymoronic and the most brutal.
Being hostile to Non-Tibeto-Burman-Mongoloid Buddhists, Ne Win implemented exclusionary policies and carried out numbers of operations against Muslim Rohingyas of Indo-Aryan origin in Arakan. Consequently, it led to mass exodus of Rohingyas to neighbouring Bangladesh and other countries. Simultaneously, he brought in thousands of Bengali Magh (Rakhine) Buddhists to replace the leaving Rohingyas. Though his reign came to the end in 1988, his legacy of racism has grown stronger under his successors Gen. Saw Maung, Gen.Than Shwe and the current Pseudo President Thein Sein.

Rohingyas, Kamans and Kachins under the Neo-Nazi Regime

As of today, as a part of genocide, a new wave of atrocities against and mass killings of Rohingyas and Kamans have been being carried out in large scale since 8th June 2012. Following are some instances of the atrocities being carried out against them.

  1. More than seven thousands of them were killed through various means, be in the prisons or outside, while displacing several thousand on their own land.
  2. Their women and under-aged girls were or are either raped or gang-raped by Military and others.
  3. Their properties are looted on daily basis and their mosques and religious have been locked down. 
  4. Their educated people and other innocent people have been detained for nothing.
  5. They are inhumanely tortured in the secret cells where they are locked up. The latest method created to torture the newly arrested Rohingyas is that each and every Rohingya is stroked 57 times with a rope made up of Iron Wire before he/she is locked in. It is reported that each shot of stroke is for each member country of OIC.
  6. Their access to foods and medicines are blocked. They are starving to death.

Above all, only about 40% of atrocities against them including the losses of lives, properties etc could have been documented. Other about 60% of atrocities would have been successfully covered up by Burmese Regime and Magh (Rakhine) extremists. They had already plotted and conspired to conceal their each and every crime against Rohingyas and Kamans before the violence actually started to take place. Denial of access or free access to Independent Observers, International Investigations, Foreign Media and Humanitarian Workers to Arakan clearly shows that they want to conceal the grave crimes they have been committing. The continual heinous crimes against these people makes their situation worse than the situation of Jews in Nazi Extermination Camps during WWII, Muslims in Bosnia in the late 90s and Hindus in Sri Lanka in the recent years.

Moreover, there has been a hot Genocidal War going on in Kachin State, Nothern Burma for more than a year. Hundreds of innocent Kachins civilians were killed and thousands were displaced. Vandalizing and looting the properties of Kachins and raping their women by Bama military are common now. They are being attacked and killed just because they practice a different religion, demand equal rights and dignity to Bamas and reject their Big-Brother Policy. Meanwhile, Western Capitalist Nations and their Agencies are busy in deciding what Peace Award should be given to the heartless Barbarians in Burmese regime. The outcries of the innocent people are ignored.

The Legacy of Lying

Yet to keep the legacy of lying alive and escape the punishments at ICCJ, Burmese regime is leaving no stone unturned to portray the violence against Rohingyas and Kamans as a SPONTANEOUS eruption of violence. They are trying to portray the violence against these people as “Ethic Clash or Strife, Communal Clash or Strife, Clash Between and so on.” The fact remains is that it is out and out genocide sponsored by the state and propagated by Neo-Nazi Propaganda Minister Bomuu Zaw Htay, the director of Thein Sein’s Office. And it is no longer a secret to anyone. The violence against Rohingyas and Kamans in Arakan is a result of systematic persecutions, implementation of Genocide and Deep-Rooted Islamophobia. Nevertheless, no way can it be said that there were no Maghs dead during this violent period. But those few who died were in their attempts to genocide Rohingyas and Kamans. Likewise, no one can say that no Nazi German Soldiers died in their attempts to genocide Jews during WWII.

Above all, the most awkward and awful accusation against Rohingyas is that they are being labelled as illegal Bengali settlers of British Colonial Period as well as of Post Independence of Burma. It is normal for the general Burmese to think of Rohingyas as so because they were and are kept in the darkness of ignorance and delusion for the longest time in the history. However, it is really pathetic to see some learnt and scholarly people bluffing such meaningless accusations and turning racists.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi: An Oxymoron and Mother of Ignorance

The latest person to join the gang of delusion and fanaticism is none other than Daw Aung San Suu Kyi herself. She recently, in India, described the violence as an international tragedy caused by the illegal immigration of Bengalis through the porous border between Burma and Bangladesh. To quell the violence, hence, illegal immigrations into Arakan, Burma had to be stopped. Is she intentionally lying like her counterparts, Generals in Bama military-Pathological liars, who blatantly lie that no Burmese governments in the past had recognized Rohingyas and the term “Rohingya?” Or doesn’t she really have any clue about the history of Arakan and its situation? Or has her colleague, Ex-General U Tin Oo, a puppet of Ne Win and mass murderer of Rohingyas himself, wrongfully narrated the history of Rohingyas to her?

Besides, she is hypocritically silent on the genocides against Kachins. Upon a question posed by a Kachin Student at LSE Conference during her trip to London, she replied ‘Condemning anyone is not the Solution and we need to find out the root-causes to the problems.” I wonder what she was saying! Doesn’t she know what root-cause to the problem is at a time when every Burmese knows who are behind it and why?

Whatever the cases maybe, it is really pathetic to see her doing mindless stuffs just for the sake of a fixed political target. Her behaviour today is really demeaning to the titles “Democratic Icon and Human Rights Advocate” given to her. She should play straight forward and match her actions to her words. She should stop beating around the bush and being oxymoronic. It is understandable if the Generals in the Bama Military lie. It is not justifiable at all if someone who utters the words of human rights and speaking on behalf of the VOICELESS turns a racist herself and supports the human rights abuses.

Anti-Rohingya Propaganda by Sociopaths in Burma

Neither Rohingyas are illegal immigrants nor is any Bangladeshi migrating into Burma. It is a completely false propaganda spread by Burmese Regime and Magh racists to scapegoat Rohingyas to achieve their respective political targets. After all, why should any Bengali with his/her good and right sense come on a land which has been being ruled by one of the world’s most tyrannical governments, is relatively poor and has poorer infrastructures? Just because Bangladesh has a big population, it can’t be assumed that Bengalis are emigrating to Arakan. Bordering China and India have the biggest populations in the world and both countries have the huge income gaps among their populations!!! Bengalis don’t come to another third-world nation but try to go to the first-world nations. Ask any Bengali in Bangladesh or abroad.

Rohingyas are descendents of aboriginal Proto-Australoid Negritos and indigenous Indo-Aryan people of Arakan, who later came to mix with the people of different ethnic origin. The term “Rohingya” in the form of “Rooinga” existed as early as 17th Century. Yet, they are not treated as human beings in the predominantly fanatic Buddhist country with the majority people of Tibeto-Burman of Mongoloid origin simply because they are of Indo-Aryan Descends and practice a different religion, Islam. After systematically committing crimes against these people and others for decades, they still keep lying to conceal their crimes against humanity. It seems that Burmese regime really matches the steps of their admired Hitler’s Nazis. Therefore, lying comes naturally to them and they have become generation liars and world-class sociopaths.

M.S. Anwar is an activist and student studying Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies at Westminster International College, Malaysia

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