Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Five Than-Pa-li villagers of Min-Bya were being arrested as a Rakhine Buddhist murderer

Yesterday, there was a personal clash between two Rakhine Buddhist villagers after having heavily drunk in Thay-Kay village of Min-Bya Township. One was being sustained severe injuries and he was being hospitalized in Min-Bya township hospital according to the ground.
But to divert the case which was taken place between the two fellows Rakhine, the same fanatic Rakhine villagers have imposed social pressure upon the one who was being hospitalized not to point out the real attacker with whom he has quarreled and sustained injury but to point out Rohingya Muslims as culprits from Than-Pa-Li village instead. 

Date on 22/11/2012, during the series of Muslim villages were being burned down by organized Rakhine mob, Than-Pa-Li village was also one of them and (227) houses of (333) houses were burnt into ashes by the Rakhine mob. During the torching, 35 years old young male Rohingya and a 60 years old lady were stabbed to dead by Rakhine.

Afterward, a state level criminal investigation team has arrived to the village (Than-Pa-li) to examine thoroughly the bloodshed taken place and exposed the dead bodies from their graves to examine for their further proof and asked the villagers about likely intruders into the village for the attack on Rohingya Muslims.

The Muslim villagers have pointed out the realized ones who are in fact Rakhine attackers from the nearby village of Thay-Kan.

Because of the past connection, Rakhine having been the animosity against Muslims, right now, Rakhine fanatic are cooperatively shaping the culprits of the quarrel between two drunken Rakhine as to be of innocent Muslims from the village of Than-Pa-li -- which was severely damaged by the torching and the lives of the people have been totally devastating since then. As more, as Rohingya villagers from any of their villages could not exit from their villages and could not move from one village to another and how Muslims can make clashes with Rakhine after going to their village at this critical and deadly situation.

According to the complaint made by the injured one to the police station, the police from the station have hurriedly gone to the village and arrested some five innocent Muslim villagers without thoroughly considering into the real subject matter. 

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