Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Arakan News Updates: the Desperate and Painful Condition of Rohingyas Growing Alarmingly

Detail see Case #3 (Photo - Mohammed Ayub)

Buthidaung, Arakan- On 1st December 2012, at Ye Seik Pyin Hamlet of Sindhi Frang (Sei Yein Pyin) village tract in Buthidaung, Rakhine extremists vandalized a hand of Buddha Statue with a view to persecuting and creating more violence against Rohingyas in the township. The following day, NaSaKa (Border Security Force) arrested seven innocent Rohingyas with the false accusation of this vandalism. It is feared that more Rohingyas might get arrested sooner or later. 
“Rakhine terrorists themselves broke the hand of the Bhudda statue in order to create more chances to persecute Rohingyas. Expectedly, NaSaKa arrested seven Rohingyas for something which they have never involved in. Of them, four were released after the extortion of money and other were handed over to the Police. Their details are:

  1. Mohammed Jamil S/o Moghul Ahmed (Released after the extortion of Kyat 5 Lakhs)
  2. Imam Hussain S/o Mansoor (Released after the extortion of Kyat 75 Thousands) 
  3. Zafar Ahmed S/o Ghani Meah (Released after the extortion of Kyat 75 Thousands) 
  4. Mohammed Sadek S/o Jamal Hussain (Released after the extortion of 1.5 Lakhs) 
  5. Kabir Ahmed S/o Mubarak Ali (Handed over to Police) 
  6. Amir Hussain S/o Rashid Ahmed (Handed over to Police) 
  7. Lalu S/o…? (Handed over to Police)” reported by a Local Rohingya from Buthidaung. 
Maung Daw, Arakan - 
Case #1 
At 4PM yesterday (i.e. on 3rd December 2012), while the judge of the Maung Daw Tsp Court was going on his way in his car recklessly driven by his drunkard son, a Rohingya teenager was almost hit by the mentioned car near to the Maung Daw Clock Tower. Subsequently, the judge immediately stopped and got off from the car and chased the boy to beat. The boy, fortunately, could manage to escape the horror scene leaving his bicycle behind. In his desperate to beat the boy, the judge ran his car over the bicycle and made it into pieces. He sent the pieces to the Police station and reportedly filed a case against the boy according to a Rohingya elder from Maung Daw. 
Is he a judge or barbarian? It is not to get forget that he has been one of the Rakhine extremist leaders who have been inciting hatred and violence against Rohingyas since June. 
Case #2 
In another case in Maung Daw, at 3:00PM on 4th December 2012, a Rohingya named Azizul Haque S/o Abu Sayed was arrested at Phyu Gyi Camp by NaSaKa (Border Security Force) accusing that he is under the blacklist of the recent violence. He was on his way to Bangladesh by legal means, using Border Trade Pass. The irony is that he was white-listed recently. He was just an ordinary shopkeeper who used to lead a simple life. He was handed over to Police and is awaiting his bad destiny like other arrested Rohingyas. 
Case #3 
A Rohingya was injured seriously as a NaSaKa (Border Security Force) member recklessly fired at him. 
This is how it happened! 
At 12:40 PM on 4th December 2012, he was going to Mayu Hilltract through the villages of Khawar Bil (Kyi Kan Pyin) and Aung Zaya (a NaTaLa Rakhine village) to get firewood. Meanwhile, he was attacked by some Rakhine terrorists. And NaSaKa member recklessly fired and a bullet hit the Rohingya’s leg. We are inquiring his details. 
Photo - Mohammed Ayub
Case #4 
Authority in Maung Daw is driving out Rohingya people in full swing so as to decrease their population. It has been already six months that Rohingyas have been killed, arrested, tortured, cut off their economic, foods and medicine lines and their women raped etc. So, now, authority in Maung Daw has declared that Rohingyas have a way to escape the persecution. That is Leaving the country is the only way to escape the dire situation. Therefore, authority (especially NaSaKa) is pushing out Rohingyas to the sea through HaisshuRata (Alay Than Kyaw) Sea Beach by collecting some tax. 
In FattarKilla (Mrauk-U), Arakan- At 6:30PM on 30th Novemeber 2012, in Rida Village, three Rohingyas namely Hafez Amjad Hussain (Age 22), Sondula Muktar Hussain (Age 55), and Mohammed Hakim (Age 60) went to a betel shop. Four army officers accompanied by Rakhine Village Administrator U Maung Than came to the shop and asked Hafez Amjad Hussain whether he was a Moulavi (Religious Scholar) or not. Upon saying “Yes,” he was brutally beaten till he became half-dead.

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