Thursday, 6 December 2012

Updated: Breaking News: NaSaKa (Border Security Force) Torched Rohingyas’ Shops

M.S. Anwar

Maung Daw, Arakan- At 8:30PM this evening, NaSaKa (Border Security Force) from Camp Base-15 of Region (Nay-Myay)-7 arrested two innocent Rohingyas from the village of Baggona, Maung Daw and torched around 40 Rohingyas’ shops in the village. Therefore, Rohingyas lost around 60 Million Kyats as the shops were burnt down. 
“The head NaSaKa of Camp Base-15 of Region (Nay-Myay)-7 ordered his Junior NaSaKas not to arrest any Rohingya from the village. But by ignoring the senior’s order, this evening, some Junior NaSaKa arrested two innocent Rohingyas who were coming out of the mosques after prayer. The two Rohingyas are Fir Mohammed S/o Mohammed Yunus (age-33) and Mv Mohammed Naim S/o (age-50). When these two Rohingyas shouted in their inability to bear up the beating and torturing of these NaSaKas, Rohingyas from the village tried to save them. Then, subsequently, the NaSaKas opened fire at them. 
So as to avoid the questions why they fired at people and the punishments to be given for breaking the Head NaSaKa’s order, they (junior NaSaKas) set fire to the Rohingyas’ shops. They torched the shops to set up a plot that they had to start shooting at Rohingyas because they (Rohingyas) were trying to torch their shops to blame Rakhines for it. Now, Military and the head of the NaSaKa came to the village where the burning took place. We are anticipating that something bad will come up against us and we might be arrested, tortured and can even be killed for something we but they have done” said a Rohingya Elder from a nearby village. 
It is a usual tragedy that Rohigyas have been facing for months. They are paying the price for doing nothing. They are wronged and abused. Instead of having justice, they are facing the double victimization.

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