Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nasakas from Maggyi Chaung Camp Terrorizing Local Rohingyas

Maung Daw, Arakan - NaSakas (Border Security Forces) from Maggyi Chaung Camp (Camp Base 15), Region (Nay Myay)-7 led by the head of the camp Major (Bogyi) Myo Htaik Aung have started to terrorize Rohingyas in the village of Shaira Fara (Du Yaung Pin Gyi) since yesterday. The reason is that, similar to other reports coming out of Arakan these days, Rohingyas from the village did not participate in the brutal operation being carried out against them. 
“Bogyi Myo Htaik Aung (a three-star ranking Military officer) was transferred to the Magyi Chaung Camp in the mid of May 2012. As the violence against Rohingyas broke out in June 2012, he started extorting huge amount of money from innocent Rohingya people from the region threatening to put them in the so-called list of the culprits of the violence. On one occasion on 15th June 2012, he extorted a mindboggling amount of 15 Million Kyats from the villagers of Du Yaung Pin Gyi with the help of his puppet, the chairman of the village. On another occasion on 18th June 2012, he again extorted a huge amount of 10 Million Kyats from the villagers of Pan Daw Pyin (Lol Bannya). 
Despite the fact that Bogyi Myo Htaik Aung extorted money from Rohingyas with false accusations and threats, he together with his fellow NaSaKas started to threaten and terrorize Rohingyas to put them in the so-called list of the culprits of the violence AGAIN as they did not participate in the brutal operation. Now, we want to let our ever worsening situation know to the world, all the concerned quarters and possibly to the government of Myanmar. We plead to the world to come forward and give their efforts to save us from being terrorized and massacred” exclaimed a Rohingya Elder from Maung Daw. 
In the ongoing operation, the vulnerable Rohingyas are threatened and forced to sign as Bengali, an identity they don’t belong to, and their finger-prints are subsequently taken in the biometric system. It is an attempt of the brutal Burmese government to wipe out the identity of this people (the sons of soil of Arakan) and to permanently portray them as if they are illegal invaders.

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