Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Form of Structured Violence against Rohingyas in Arakan

Maung Daw, Arakan - NaSaKa (Border Security Force) from Region (NayMyay) 4, Camp Base 10 cancelled Nine Rohingya Family Census Lists in the village of Zee Bin Chaung, Maung Daw. The families were delisted because they didn’t participate in the most unjust ongoing NaSaKa operation in Arakan. The heads of the delisted families are:
  1. Dil Mohammad S/o U Moni Ruzzama 
  2. FawFor Ahmed S/o U Abdu Rahman 
  3. Monir Ahmed S/o U Mano Meah 
  4. Halarbi D/o U Abdul Kadair 
  5. Sayed Alam S/o U Kala Meah 
  6. Zarina Khatu D/o U Hakim Ali 
  7. Basar Khatu D/o U Larl Meah 
  8. Ferozah Khatu D/o U Sultan 
  9. Rashidah Khatu D/o U Nazir Ahmed 
In this ongoing operation, the vulnerable Rohingyas are threatened and forced to sign as Bengali, an identity they don’t belong to, and their finger-prints are subsequently taken in the biometric system. It is an attempt of the brutal Burmese government to wipe out the identity of this people (the sons of soil of Arakan) and to permanently portray them as if they are illegal invaders. 
Besides that, five senior educated Rohingyas from the same village were threatened and ordered to participate and cooperate with NaSaKa in the operation. Their names are:
  1. Noor Huson S/o U Noor Ahmed 
  2. Sham Shu Alam S/o ? 
  3. Abu Suleman S/o U Noor Mohammad 
  4. Sayedul Islam S/o U Noor Mohammad 
  5. Dil Dar Husin S/o Ummar Hamza 
Similarly, at 4:30PM on 4th January 2013, in Taung Pro Let Wae, Maung Daw, sixteen senior educated Rohingyas were arrested by NaSaKas from the Region (NayMyay) 3. They were arrested for the same reason of not participating in the operation as mentioned above. They are:
  1. Mv Noor Alam S/o U Sultan Ahmed, 65 
  2. Sham Shul Haque S/o U Haibullah, 75 
  3. Zahidullah S/o U Shofiullah, 32 
  4. Noor Huson S/o U Sayed Huson, 28 
  5. Dildar Huson S/o U Inna Amin, 68 
  6. Nurul Hauque S/o U Fauzau Rahman, 65 
  7. Abdu Zabbar s/o U Abul Husein, 68 
  8. Rafic S/o U Raza Meah, 45 
  9. Eshah Noor s/o U Maqul Ahmed, 33 
  10. Zahid Alam S/o U Halar Meah, 48 
  11. Zabbar S/o U Hanifah, 45 
  12. Zamir Huson S/o U sayed Huson, 35 
  13. Moether S/o U Sayed Akbar, 35 
  14. Nuru S/o U Fazal, 31 
  15. Malvi Ershadullah S/o U Habiullah, 38 
  16. Nurul Amin S/o U Sayedullah, 35 
(Note: the numbers mentioned beside their names are their respective age numbers) 
NaSaKa known as Border Security Force is also designed to put restrictions on the Rohingyas’ Marriages and Birth-Rates, to extort money from them (Rohingyas), to religiously persecute them and to torture and finally drive them out of Burma. After the formation of NaSaKa by the tyrant ex-general Khin Nyunt in the early 1990s, the department of immigration concerning Rohingyas was handed over to NaSaKas. Since then, they have been carrying out immigration operations and census check-ups (in another word, the check-ups of the number of Rohingya population) twice a year. 
If a Rohingya accidentally happened to miss the operation, he/she was delisted from the census list (meaning he/she could never come and live in Arakan again). Because of this and many other reasons, Rohingyas have just been leaving Arakan. No Bengali is illegally coming into Arakan. NaSaKa as well as Burmese authority knows this well. By lying, NaSaKa and Burmese authority are not honest not only to the world but also to themselves.

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