Friday, 4 December 2015

A village administrator has been repeatedly raping a Rohingya woman abusing his power in Buthidaung Township for weeks, according to the reliable sources.

The administrator is a Rakhine (Magh) Buddhist extremist named ‘Maung Chan Thar’ administrating a Rohingya village, ‘Phaya Pyin Aung Pha,’ in Buthidaung Township. The recurrent raped victim is identified to be ‘Daw T’ (real name withheld for privacy), 38, from plot 1 of the village.

“The Magh extremist administrator, Maung Chan Thar, and his henchman visit the house of a widow named Daw T often and rape her using the authority of an administrator. When she tries to refuse, they beat her and threaten to imprison her. She asks for help from others but nobody dares help her knowing the brutalities of the extremist administrator.

So, the villagers have to be quiet and the helpless woman is subjected to rape repeatedly,” said an elder person in Buthidaung on the condition of anonymity.

The village administrator has a long history of persecuting and oppressing the innocent Rohingya villagers.

“On November 30, the village administrator extorted Kyat 50,000 from Mr. Jamil Sayed Kasim, 23, hails from ‘Ayuchaa’ hamlet of ‘Phaya Pyin Aung Pha’ village tract after accusing him of using ‘Bangala Phone.’ On the same day, he extorted Kyat 70,000 from Mr. Yaasin Shomsu, 42, hails from plot 7 of the village by alleging him of having illegal relationships with multiple women.

The village administrator commits crimes by himself. And he extorts money from others under arbitrary accusations,” he continued.

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