Saturday, 5 December 2015

Muhammad Haroon,s/o U Kasim,28 years old,Dar Paing village,Sittwe went to Anok Ywe village,Pauktaw township,Arkan to see some of his relatives 30.11.2015. 5 Dec 2015 at about 3:00 PM, Muhammad Haroon took 3 Rohingyas resident guys of Anok Ywe village as companions and they four were going to Kyin Ni Pyin IDP camp,Pauktaw from Anok Ywe village passing through mountain to see Muhammad Haroon's relative in Kyin Ni Pyin IDP camp.When they got dale,suddely a Rakhinese extremist group from Sin Aing(Rakhinese) village near the mountain came and attacked on the four Rohingy guys.So the four Rohingya guys run away to escape from Rakhinese extremists.But unfortunately 3 resident guy of Anok Ywe village could escape from Rakhinese extremist as they know the way to be out from the mountain and Muhammad Haroon couldn'r escape as he was new in the mountain and didn't know the way to be out from the mountain.Then Rakhinese extremists brutally killed Muhammad Haroon.And then the three guys came to Anok Ywe village and told the villagers what was happening with them in the mountain.Then villagers informed it to the soldiers and the soldiers went to the mountain.When the soldiers got to the mountain,Rakhinese extremists had gone and dead body of Muhammad Haroon was found with injuries.Soldirlers brought the dead body to Anok Ywe village and now the dead body would be taken to Pauktaw Hospital for post mortem.

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