Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Rakhine (Magh) Extremists brutally killed a young Rohingya man in Pauktaw Township, Arakan State, this afternoon.

The victim is identified to be ‘Mohammed Harun Qasim,’ 27, hails from Plot-5, Depaing village in Sittwe (Akyab) Township. He was ganged up and killed by the Rakhine extremists around 3:30 PM today on his way to visit his relatives in ‘Kye Ni Pyin’ IDP Camps.

“We need to cross a dangerous mountain valley if we have to go to ‘Kye Ni Pyin’ village from ‘Ana Raing’ village. The mountain valley so narrow that only one person can cross/ go along at one time.

On the half way as he along with three other people, one man from ‘Ana Raing’ village and other two being children from the same village, was crossing the mountain, around 10-12 Rakhine extremists threatened and chased them. While the three people including the children managed to escape as they were familiar with the place, but unfortunately the now-killed person didn’t.

The Rakhine extremists held him and beat them with ‘Teak’ Wood Pieces. And they squashed his head with a big stone,” said a local Rohingya in Pauktaw quoting an eyewitness of the incident.

It has been learnt that the Sin-Htet-Maw Police and the military made to the place as the other three people fleeing the deadly incident reported. His dead body was there until 5:00 PM.
After that, they brought his corpse and showed to the villagers of ‘Ana Raing.’

Around 8:00 PM tonight, the dead body was taken away to the office of the township administration of Pauktaw. The police also took the three people (including the children) along with them as the witnesses to the crime (triggered by racial hatred/racism).

“He was bleeding even after he was dead. His body was of full of bruises and injuries. His head was literally squashed,” exclaimed an eyewitness.

Since the state-sponsored violence against Rohingyas in Myanmar in June 2012, Rakhine extremists have killed hundreds of Rohingyas in this brutal way all over Arakan.

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