Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Akyab: An innocent Rohingya drowned and died in a nearby lake in Thay Chaung (Guwalia Del) Akyab, on his way home from Beda on 20 August, 2016.

The victim is identified to be Hashim, 43 who was a fish seller striving livelihood for his wife and children, including a disabled child by living in a concentration camp.
On 20 August, while Hashim was was coming back to his home  buying fish from Beda by a small boat, he accidentally  felt down in the breeding lake and disappeared.   After a day, his corpse was found near sandy shore at 11:30 pm.
Due to this tragedy, Hashim’s  family is unable to survive as  he was the only wage earner of the family and none of his children is old enough to earn.
This is not the first tragedy in this lake, even at the beginning of August, 4 Rohingya people died due to drowning boats there. People are compelled to  move by this way as it’s the only easy way left for the Rohingyas to travel  from Thay Chaung  to Beda in search of livelihood.
Restriction of movement is another genocidal tool which is strongly imposed on Rohingyas. Moreover authorities are labeling these types of murders as accidental deaths, where no one can be accounted even in the shield of  so called democratic government.

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