Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Buthidaung- Village head U Kyaw Tun Tha has been extorting money from the innocent, poor Rohingya people in abundance alleging on different baseless excuses in U Thei Ma, Southern Buthidaung, Arakan, according to the dwellers.

The village head inhumanely extorted 45 thousands Kyats form Mohammad Kasim, 50, son of Fouzol Ahmad, an inhabitant of Praing Taung village on 13 July, alleging him that he grazed his cattle on the head’s pasture.
On 7 August, he extorted 150 thousands Kyats from an innocent Rohingya named Maulovi Mozaffor, 50, accusing him that he caught fish by net form the fish breeding pond of the lair head.
Boshir, 40, son of Shikandor living in Du U Thei Ma was extorted 60 thousands Kyats on allegation of ploughing head’s land while he was tilling in his own one nearby the head’s  on 5 August.
Moreover, the oppressor extorted 100 thousands Kyats from Amirahman, 30, son of Sowyedu Rahman on 20 July, accusing him that his cattle came on the bridge of the village.
Although the township administrator is informed of it, he does not take any step to stop the village head form the sinful activities as the sufferers are ethnic Rohingyas whom they want to finish trickily from the Arakan State.

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