Sunday, 24 March 2013

About 300 Buddhist extremist attacked and demolished a Muslims religious school in outskirt Yangon

It is not strange in Burma that police and authorities are reluctant to prevent Buddhist extremist from demolishing Muslims religious premises. Besides, bias Burmese Medias is also busy as usual labeling the incidents to justify the crime that Buddhist extremists have committed.
On Sunday 17th February 2013, about 300 Buddhist extremist have attacked and demolished a Muslims religious school in front of authority. The school is located at No.1128, between 18th and 19th street; block No.3, Thar Kay Ta Township, and Yangon. The school is officially built and donated since 2001.
The school authority is carrying out renovation by the permission of the authority and the school roof-top become higher few feet than the authority has allowed. Strangely, a notice letter have issued from Municipal Department dated 17th February 2013, which is a public holiday, stated to replace the roof-top to previous position. Besides, the authority demanded to replace it the same day the letter issued, which is a public holiday.
About 300 Buddhist extremist have gathered and attacked the school while 4 police vans and local authorities are available. The mob attacked one reporter and two persons from Islamic Council, in front of the police, who tried to calm the mob. The victims were injured and lost their mobile phones but the police were reluctant to help the victims.
A local journal called “Voice Weekly” stated on their Facebook account, “the riots has sparked for the building a mosque in the name of school” and later on they have deleted the post without any apologizing for stating wrong information.
The school premise was very old and need major renovation. Since many decades Muslims were not allowed to build any mosque and religious school in Burma. The permission to renovate old mosque and school are also very hard to get; Muslims premises are frequently targeted by Buddhist extremist attacks; never any action has taken by the authority against the Buddhist extremist.

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