Sunday, 24 March 2013

Confirmed List of people died from “Heymaryatwol Islamic School” at Mingalarzayyon, Meitthilar Township, Myanmar

28 Islamic scholarly students including Hafiz Mohammad Ahtisham (son of Hazarat Mawlana Hafiz Nurulhak) were died.
Four islamic school teachers
1) Mawlana Mohammad Shafi (45 years old)
2)Mawlana Zakariya (40 years old)
3)Mufti Wajib (30 years old)
4) Name did not mention.
Totally Four Islamic school teachers and 28 Islamic religious students were died today,March 21 th, 2013 at 11 am Myanmar Time.
Mingalarzayyon was one of the biggest buildings burnt down yesterday (20th March 2013). Even though people were prohibited to go out at night after 9 pm (Martial law was declared) on 20th March, there were violences committed freely by buddhist terrorist group the whole night. When we last contacted them yesterday night after 3 am, untill then there were no legal action or control on this kind of violence by buddhist terrorists. Therefore, some young buddhists near the Islamic school who knows the islamic school students helped the students by giving shelter in their home.
At 4 am morning, the school was burnt down to ash and all the terrorists were disappeared.
At 6:30 am morning, the buddhist terrorist surrounded the helper buddhist’s house where students and teachers were sleeping. They asked the helper to hand in the students to them. So, the helper buddhist house owner pleaded that the students are young and they come from very far and are away from their parents.
At 7 am , we got this information after talking with student Hafiz Mohammad Ahtisham on phone.He said the news group to pray for them because they were surrounded and police in front of the house and people behind the house were yelling out to them to come out. They treatened to set fire and waiting outside by holding sword, rod, spiky weapons in hands.
While the students are waiting inside, they throw fire over the roof of the house. But no police nor saftey guard intervene them to stop doing this. So the house started to burned down and all the students have to flee out of the house.
When they come out of the house, the terrorist started attacking to the muslims students and teachers with the weapons. Some of the students managed to escape from their attacks but some were killed and push inside the burning house. Some of the students who waited in the burning house for help get burnt finally.
So, final news confirmation is that totally Four Islamic school teachers and 28 Islamic religious students were died today,March 21 th, 2013 at 11 am Myanmar Time.

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